• Stefan
    18.5.2022 8:33:18

    In some case betfair api activation takes some time, keep in mind that subscription code and api activation is done through betfair api on betfair servers.

    Try to login later again, for instance after 10 minutes.

  • Stefan
    7.11.2021 12:07:22

    The tool Strategy Bot executor has nothing to do with type of market used to execute bot strategies on. I think you misunderstand the concept of the MarketName parameter some of bots offer to execute an action bot on associated market.

  • Graf
    17.10.2021 20:47:59

    Yes, all is perfect, now. Thank you.

  • Tony
    14.10.2021 3:12:19

    Stefan was right ! One week later and all LiveScores seem to be working fine again. Sorry for raising up this issue. 

  • Graf
    10.10.2021 16:38:27

    Yes, it's good to know that Štefan is aware of this problem in Betfair website. I had no idea that there are only 15 paying subscribers, understand that his time and extra work should be compensated to improve live scores performance and wouldn't mind to contribute myself to have most important matches covered. Another very important issue for me would be to have goals confirmed only after ball goes to the midfield and match is resumed. If possible, that would also be a major upgrade.    

  • Tony
    9.10.2021 16:12:59

    Your software is very good, has some unique features and has been profitable while LiveScores for all important matches work fine. Is good to know that you believe Betfair will return LiveScores coverage and that you really care about this Betfair problem and your paying subscribers. Thank you very much for all your attention. 

  • Stefan
    9.10.2021 12:53:57

    You can post your requests to betfair score feed to betfair developer web site. One developer reported problems with its own app stopping to receive score from betfair web api:

    No Live Match Time or Live Scores for all main football matches


  • Graf
    8.10.2021 23:37:47

    I understand, but my bots need this data from main matches to be profitable. They cannot work only with live football match time and score from so few matches from lower leagues.

  • Tony
    7.10.2021 1:40:55

    This is not BFExplorer fault. It's Betfair that is not providing LiveScores for the main matches and is only providing LiveScores for very few lower division matches from some almost unheard countries. If this problem persists, football bots won't work on almost 90% of all matches and almost 100% of all the most important matches, unless BFExplorer starts using another LiveScores feed other than Betfair's.

  • M0ss@d
    7.10.2021 0:44:26

    No Nations League, no Brazil Serie A, no nothing. Only two matches from México and Chile second divisions. This has never happened before. Without proper livescores, football bots won't start or cancel bets. If this is considered "normal" for football bots to place and cancel bets only on two second division games from south and central America, I simply rest my case and start looking for another options elsewhere. 

  • Tony
    6.10.2021 22:53:26

    Italy x Spain - No Liescore Available

  • Graf
    6.10.2021 21:19:18

    Even UEFA Nations League semi final Italy vs Spain, the most important football match today, has no livescore. It says 0' 0-0 when actually it's already 28' and 0-1. This is surreal. 

  • Tony
    6.10.2021 20:10:14

    Earlier you said:

    "All live score data used by betfair are provided by third parties as well, so if score does not work, you must blame data provider not my app or betfair." 

    This is trully disappointing.

  • Graf
    6.10.2021 19:52:41

    My bots can't work like this

  • M0ss@d
    6.10.2021 19:43:36

    I never said what you stated is not true. What I say is that having only 2 livescores for 36 inplay matches is terrible.

  • M0ss@d
    6.10.2021 19:37:52

    Betfair has 36 inplay matches at this very momment...and there are only 2 (!!!) livescores working ! 

  • Stefan
    6.10.2021 18:56:21

    I have attached video from my test. You can both see that Football Live Score tool works fine for all matches betfair showing live scores as well. Not for all matches betfair web page shows live score, you can see that as well in my video.

    So what I said is true, if betfair web page shows live score my tool shows that score as well, for matches not covered by betfair my tool does not show score, as tool uses the same source of the live score feed.

    Mossad, I would expect apologies from you for what you said: “Not working also for me since yesterday. This Livescore is terrible and those arguments are ridiculous.”

  • Graf
    6.10.2021 13:47:53

    All japanese and thai matches that started at 11h and 12h with 0' and 0-0 score ? Sorry, but this is not Betfair problem.

  • Graf
    6.10.2021 13:43:03

    Problem persists. Tired of losing money because never know when livescores are working or not...

  • M0ss@d
    6.10.2021 13:25:32

    Not working also for me since yesterday. This Livescore is terrible and those arguments are ridiculous. :(