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  • Delayed API Status

    Hello. Since yesterday I have a delayed API on my BF Explorer trading software. I had no bots running when this happened and now I am also unable to trade as all stakes in the markets keep flashing all over the ladders on random odds, being absolutely impossible to figure out what was the last price ...

    9.5.2020 16:19:41
  • Free Trial Review

    I tried BFexplorer, having used 3-4 different software applications beforehand. The 2 days utilising the software, I managed to get a feel for the product and like the modern display on the black background. Bets placed were very responsive with no lagging experienced from other products. A few ...

    25.3.2015 17:55:00
  • Subscribe for BF Explorer Community Subscription Plan.

    Hello   Can I please subscribe for bfexplorer community subscription plan ?   Thanks

    22.5.2020 0:28:44
  • Web API Script?

    Hi there,  I've seen a youtube video of bfexplorer providing a webAPI which can be used to integrate with other languages.  Could someone point me in the direction of where I can find this script?  Thank you.  

    9.2.2021 11:10:03
  • Subscription code

    I subscribed to the professional version, but when I entered the subscription code you gave me, I still couldn't log in to your software

    5.2.2021 11:46:59
  • Trial Commenced Today - but is asking for subscription code again?

    hi there,    I downloaded the trial today (username paulmcmn) and I recieved an automatically generated subscription code).    After using the app for a couple of hours, i then proceeded to close the app and upon re-opening it's not asking me for a subscription key which i ...

    3.2.2021 16:04:06