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  • Delayed API Status

    Hello. Since yesterday I have a delayed API on my BF Explorer trading software. I had no bots running when this happened and now I am also unable to trade as all stakes in the markets keep flashing all over the ladders on random odds, being absolutely impossible to figure out what was the last price ...

    9.5.2020 16:19:41
  • Free Trial Review

    I tried BFexplorer, having used 3-4 different software applications beforehand. The 2 days utilising the software, I managed to get a feel for the product and like the modern display on the black background. Bets placed were very responsive with no lagging experienced from other products. A few ...

    25.3.2015 17:55:00
  • Subscribe for BF Explorer Community Subscription Plan.

    Hello   Can I please subscribe for bfexplorer community subscription plan ?   Thanks

    22.5.2020 0:28:44
  • Bfexplorer 2023 Preview

    In the new year I will release the new version of bfexplorer. If you want to test the preview version, please download it from my dropbox:

    18.11.2022 11:05:33
  • Bfexplorer Latest Release

    Version 2.0.8174 Cumulative updates. Version 2.0.8117 Adding GoalBeingScored parameter to Football bot. Version 2.0.8113 Adding StopBotExecutionOnMarketVersionChange parameter to all selection bots. Version 2.0.8077 Betfair API update for 1 GBP minimal stake and Data Context Browser ...

    4.8.2022 10:03:48
  • Login

    Não consigo acessar o aplicativo Bfexplorer...pede o codigo de subscrição, ja coloquei o que tem no forum, mas nao dar certo, o que faço?

    18.5.2022 8:34:52