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  • Free Trial Review

    I tried BFexplorer, having used 3-4 different software applications beforehand. The 2 days utilising the software, I managed to get a feel for the product and like the modern display on the black background. Bets placed were very responsive with no lagging experienced from other products. A few ...

    3/25/2015 5:55:00 PM
  • Bfexplorer Latest Release

    Version 2.0.6440 Cumulative updates. Version 2.0.6267 Fixing problems for Close Bet Position bots when position is closed by percentage value and hedging is disabled (NET stake profit). Version 2.0.6121 Reflecting betfair api changes from 3rd October, customerStrategyRef has been ...

    8/20/2017 2:03:59 PM
  • Betfair Bot SDK and Data Visualization

    If you use Bfexplorer BOT SDK to develop your betfair bots then you can visualize some data on ladders directly, setting different background color in Odds column. In my video I created two simple bots to show this functionality in bfexplorer. The first betfair bot loads steamers and drifters for ...

    5/24/2015 4:10:06 PM
  • Login problem

    Hello,    Since yesterday I can use BF explorer. It wont allow me to get to login page. I have reinstalled the program, but still no luck. I have a screenshot which I can provide if you can send me your email address.   Thanks

    9/22/2017 2:32:13 PM
  • - betfair web api app

    I have just released for beta testing betfair web api app called: Cash Out All The web app is free for all, and you can open it here: As the name could suggest the web app allows to cash out all your open markets or ...

    9/11/2017 4:49:16 PM
  • DevExp - syntax 1 line

    Hello Stefan & All I do not have the old or the new SDk's, I have not needed them in my mind. I would like to ammend the latter part   ConditionalFormattingIconSetValue[] { minPoint, midPoint, maxPoint } ) of the MY (ie. incorrect ) syntax as below let cfRule = ...

    9/4/2017 3:32:39 PM