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    Choose one of three user interfaces for your betfair trading. Create your application workspace for trading on ladders, or for betfair bot execution.

  • Quick Navigation and Browsing Through Betfair Markets

    Create your favourite events to browse quickly for markets you want to trade on. Searching, sorting and filtering is supported across the entire application on any data.

  • Support for Trading on Multiple Markets Simultaneously

    Monitoring odds trend for chosen market selections and watching for current profit on open bet positions. Possibility to close bet position on a market selection, on entire market or on all open bet positions.

  • Trading Tools and Betfair Bots, Support for Automated Trading

    Placing dutch bets, closing a bet position on selection or on entire market. Be the firts in queue, Tick offset, Drip feeding, Trading bots, Trailing stop loss and more than ten other betfair bots. Tools for automated trading and betfair strategies.

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  • Stefan
    7/12/2017 2:26:12 PM

    Free version of bfexplorer:


  • Stefan
    7/8/2017 12:30:57 PM

    You can rearrange ladder columns, just by dragging column header and dropping it to the new position or through Application / Settings / Trading Ladder. Reverse bet placing is not supported as it breaks all rules: to offer a bet and to take bet at desired odds and volume. 

    You can use NinjaTrader tool to visualize betfair data in charts, or any bot integration PRO allows to visualize data. 

    NinjaTrader Tool 

    Analyzing betfair data to trigger trading on horse racing markets. 

    Betfair Market Charts and Data Analyzing 

    You can change ladder colors and rules of how are data presented by clicking on any header by right mouse/context button on your mouse, then a context menu appears and you can click on Conditional Formatting / Manage Rules. Changed rules are not saved, so when restarting bfexplorer the default rules are applied again. Bfexplorer UI can be presented in light or dark theme (see Application / Settings / General). The column colors are blue and pink, but in light theme background colors seems darker, try dark theme to see difference. 

    Ladder Column - Conditional Formatting Rules 

    LPTV is last price traded volume, and it shows on ladder what amount was matched on best offered prices. When clicking wherever on LPTV column cell, the values are cleared, so then for best offered prices you can see how much volume of money was matched by backers, and layers.

  • Stefan
    6/28/2017 6:27:28 PM

    And betfair reacts to such users as well, I have just received email from betfair saying:

    "You'll receive delayed data when using a delayed App Key or when using a live App Key if your Betfair account has never been funded or if an override has been applied to your account, or App Key."

  • Stefan
    6/28/2017 5:48:05 PM

    I do not offer trial anymore as it was misused by bunch of Indies just to get free access to betfair api. I will may change my mind and reintroduce trial in near future.

  • Stefan
    4/7/2017 7:05:46 PM


    Hi, what you can watch on my video is commercial product I used to visualize betfair tennis data.  

    I wrote simple bot for bfexplorer to save tennis match data, so time, price/odds, traded volume, player on server, sets score, games score, and points. From the above data I was able to produce charts in my video. 

    Here is another article showing how to use betfair bot and bfexplorer console to make charts using JavaScript library called plot.ly: 

    Betfair Market Charts and Data Analyzing

    I do not know if you would be able (by using plot.ly library) to visualize market data similar like I did by using Tableau software, but if you are interesting and want to collaborate, then I can offer you to build bot to save tennis or football match data and scores, and you will deliver visualization code written with plot.ly, or d3js.org JavaScript library. 

    I am able to stream such data from bfexplorer, so your JavaScript app would be able to present visualization in real time, if you like.

  • MoreWright
    4/7/2017 6:15:11 PM

    Hi Stefan,

    This is very useful data visualization. Is there a way to achieve it on bfexplorer? Or with a combination of other visualizatin tools?


  • Stefan
    3/22/2017 7:52:11 PM

    LPTV means Last Price Traded Volume, and it presents traded volume in current best price offered range, when this price range changes the indicator value/s out of this range is/are set to zero. 

    Bfexplorer offers ladder customization, so you are able to arrange columns, and show or hide them. You can do so from Application / Settings / Trading Ladder, or directly from Column Chooser, just open it and drag and drop columns. 

    Bfexplorer offers bot development as well, so if you are able to program a bot, then you can program one to visualize your model data on ladder, for now Odds columns allows such visualization only. 

    Have a look at how I used this feature in my custom bots: 

    Trading Indicators

    Portrait Layout

    Betfair Trading Ladder

    I can add My Indicator column, and set its visual representation to gradient data bar, so you will be able to set your indicator values (-1.0 to 1.0).

  • Stefan
    3/20/2017 4:19:43 PM

    What you can do now is add to "My Favourites Events" your football event filter for markets you want to bet on, so adding: MATCH_ODDS,  HALF_TIME, FIRST_HALF_GOALS_05, FIRST_HALF_GOALS_15, FIRST_HALF_GOALS_25 to Market types, so this way you could open all your events in the Event Browser view. 

    In the Event Browser you can filter events by Total Matched, then you can manually check markets, and open only those ones fulfilling your criteria. 

    Your subscription status is Basic, so it is actually the only option you have got. 

    If you were Professional subscriber, then you are allowed to use bots, and Bfexplorer Console tool. Bfexplorer Console allows to execute scripts, and such simple script can be written for your purpose as well, checking total matched volume for MATCH_ODDS markets, and then loading associated markets and checking if total matched volume on these markets is as required. If all your requirements for total matched volume are met, script can open MATCH_ODDS market and required markets for you automatically. 

    Read and watch video to this article: Filter and Open My Markets

    SMS alerting issue. You need SMS provider, to send SMS from computer to your mobile. There are quite a lot of providers of SMS services, so yes it is possible to program SMS sending feature utilizing provider's API. This approach on the other hand requires constant monitoring of all markets, and again I cannot understand that as you subscribed to Basic subscription plan so no support for bots or custom built bots.

  • Stefan
    3/14/2017 4:41:57 PM

    I think you are confused from using other betfair api software/s.  

    Bfexplorer separates market data updating to two services running in thread pool. This way you are able to set two different update intervals, the one for active market and the other for passive market/s.  

    It means that if you set update interval for the active market to 20 ms, and your internet connection latency to betfair servers is 50 ms, then the market data are updated every 70 ms, what is around 14 times per second. 

    Passive markets, and you maybe know that you can open really a lot of markets for monitoring with bfexplorer, are updated in batches (for 25 markets in one betfair api request), therefor bfexplorer backend services do not use a lot of threads, so there is no need for what you call: "Maximum Parallel Calls". 

    Of course any bet operation is executed in thread pool, but in manual trading how many times per second are you able to click on ladder? So again, no performance degradation for bet operations. 

    If you run automated bot strategies, so bets are placed by bfexplorer bots, and if you open for instance 100 markets on which you want to place bets, then of course if you want to place bets on 100 markets at the same time, then bfexplorer can open two many threads in thread pool, but the question is who would like to do so?  

    In most automated strategies Bot Executor executes bots at set time relative to the official market start time, so for instance if you would run your bots on all football match odds markets 5 minutes before kick off then depending on how many matches is played in a day, too much bet threads is not opened, maximal 10 threads. 

    Bot manages its bet position, so if bet place request has been sent, bot knows about api request result, and if necessary bet is placed again.  

    Betfair streaming api uses totally different approach in market data updating, there is no request/response, bfexplorer subscribers for updates and updates are stream through established connection/socket. 

    You can see differences in this video: Monitoring 64 Markets - Market/order Streaming

    In the latest release of bfexplorer I have enabled market streaming option, you must restart bfexplorer when changing this option.

  • gloria
    3/13/2017 11:25:19 PM

    Hi Stefan,

    I don`t trade horses directly from the racecourse, I trade from home not using any live pictures, just trading the numbers on the ladder interface, trade according to whether I think a horse will shorten or drift through spotting characteristic patterns on the back or layside...that is why I am asking if it is possible to build a "compressed ladder" on the spreadsheet (or without), where I don`t see all the ticks, and so I get a better overview over the whole ladder without having to scroll too much (the autocentre function is not very useful inplay as things go too fast).


    So is it possible what I asked in my first post?



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