Bfexplorer 2024 Preview

In the new year I will release the new version of bfexplorer. If you want to test the preview version, please download it from my dropbox:

The app requires WebView2 Runtime - Evergreen Bootstrapper


Comments ( 3 )

  • TheWood
    20.12.2023 17:10:04


    Looking forward to the new release, im a new user and finding the application to be the best of its kind after trialling most versions of BetFair approved applications.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Stefan
    21.12.2023 16:29:15

    There are two versions of bfexplorer apps. The old version released on 28th March 2023. This app version is built on .net framework 4.8

    The latest version I call the preview is relaesed o .net 7, and you can install it from the link above, from my dropbox drive.

    This preview version contains the latest version of new bot stratregies like the one described in this post: Execute Strategy Rules Bot

  • TheWood
    21.12.2023 17:39:54


    I have installed the preview version after your email today. Looks great so far.

    Thanks for the support.