All Football Match Odds Cancelled

If I select MATCH_ODDS and another market (i.e. CORRECT_SCORE) for the same match in Strategy/Bot Executor, when CORRECT_SCORE market starts inplay, all MATCH_ODDS bots are cancelled for that same match. In Strategy/Bot Executor MATCH_ODDS market bots only work if no other markets are selected for ...

Football LiveScores Feed Down Again

Football LiveScores Feed is Down Again. Please let me know what is wrong and when to expect it to be working again. Thank you

Football Live Scores Down

Football Live Scores keep 0-0 results and 0' match time during the whole matches- It is impossible for my bots to work like this.

Soccer Injury Time

Is there any possibility for bots to have access to how many minutes for injury time are given by the referees at the end of each half on soccer matches ?

Football Livescores

Football Livescorers are not working. Scheduled Order/Bot Executer bots won't start at a given Match Time and/or given Result. Can you plesase let me know what's wrong with this software Livescores ? Thank you

Football Automation Accurate Goal Recognition

From betangel forum: I'm trying to work out a way to get accurate goal recognition for one of my guardian bots.  Is using the Correct Score market the only way to do this within Bet Angel? Can BetAngel can obviously tell when a market is closed so could the goal markets be used to recognize ...

Football Underdog Strategy

From Bet Angel forum: Looking for some help with automation I’m effectively trying to say that when a price in Football Handicap Market (Market 1) shortens by 'x' ticks then to set a signal and this signal then triggers a bet in the Match Odds Market (Market 2).  How do I link the ...

Football Bot - Trigger Time in Second Half

From Bet Angel forum: I would like to make a simple automation on football matches.  I would like to activate auto bets in the second half due to specific odds at at a specific game time.  In these covid19 times it is quite difficult to calculate second half time running from start of the ...

Football Automation Alert when 2-0

From Bet Angel forum: Could you check if this bot will work? I know it’s not perfect but will it show me when its 2-0 or 0-2?  Or did I totally mess it up and should have used "signals" instead? I am asking because I don’t know if it works by using stored values as ...

Football Over Strategy

Here we are again, another bespoke bot strategy I developed last week, and the need for some instruction tutorial. From previous time I learned that it is not so good idea to deliver bespoke bot solution in assembly files. In such case user must extract files and copy them to bfexplorer app folder. ...