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Best VPS for bfexplorer

Which VPS service and confuguration do you recommend for bfexplorer best performance ?


Hello,   I think that the way in which you use a subscription should be better explained. I purchase a basic monthly subscription and I didn't received the subscription code yet, so I cannot use the application. Betfair user name : Locadia. At this moment it is not clear to me what should I do ...

Working csv bot

Hello   any other copies of a csv import bot as the one on GitHub does not seem to work, gives no error in  output when run    

Bot Example

Could you please show an example for how to start a FootballBot (or any other execution bot)   only   when football LiveScore data feed is   not   available for that particular football match (i.e. to cancel one, several or all AtInPlay KeepBets only if ...

Bfexplorer Slack

You can join to our group on slack: I created bfexplorer slack group mainly for betfairians trying to build their own betfair strategies in .net programming languages (C#, Visual Basic and F#) using Bfexplorer BOT SDK. You do not have to be software developer or ...

All Football Match Odds Cancelled

If I select MATCH_ODDS and another market (i.e. CORRECT_SCORE) for the same match in Strategy/Bot Executor, when CORRECT_SCORE market starts inplay, all MATCH_ODDS bots are cancelled for that same match. In Strategy/Bot Executor MATCH_ODDS market bots only work if no other markets are selected for ...

Football LiveScores Feed Down Again

Football LiveScores Feed is Down Again. Please let me know what is wrong and when to expect it to be working again. Thank you

Bot execution on closed market

Is it possible to execute bot on closed market? because I am testing a strategy tand want to check who is the winner and looks like bot stops after market close

Some questions

Hi, I have some questions, maybe could you provide some code examples. 1) How to check account balance? 2) How to do bet on selection with SP?

Football Live Scores Down

Football Live Scores keep 0-0 results and 0' match time during the whole matches- It is impossible for my bots to work like this.