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Football League Pre Game Strategy

I've been doing a trial on bfexplorer and for the most part I am impressed with the software, however I'm having difficulties applying my strategies. This is what I am trying to achieve: Let's say I want to place a Back Bet on the MATCH ODDS market for specific leagues in Football... EPL, ...

Automation toggle over

Is it possible for a strategy that works for example for racing, to automatically keep running the following day , or would I need to reselect that days market each day and restart the bot again?

Save Settings

Hello Forumites, is there a way to save the Settings of your profile e.g. customised ladder? When i re-start the application I always have to customize my ladder (e.g. rules) etc all over again. How can I save things. Thanks a lot.

Tick offset manual betting

Hello Forumites. Is there a Tick offset function for manual bets also? Could anyone tell me how to activate it? Cheers

Save Software Windows and General Display

How may I save this software app windows, configured preferences and general display every time app is closed, so I don't have to reconfigure everything again each time I log in and app is reopened ? Thanks alot Stefan

Automation for scalping

Hello, I am very new to trading and new to this software. Is there a way I can get scapling done via automation? I am unsure of how I can do this on the sofware. I am looking to make sensible % profits each time and gradully build my bank. Can I get the exact instructions on how to set this up ...


Hello, can you please show me how I can load ladders of a number of particular horses at once so that I can manually scalp the markets? I am talking about a good size % of the screen as seen in some of you videos. Thanks


ERRORS: ASSEMBLY REFERENCE MSCORLIB.DLL WAS NOT FOUND OR IS INVALID. I apologize!I did not understand how to fix itWhat should do?

Ninja Trader Graphs

Good morning. I am new to bf explorer followed youtube video for ninja trader graph but keep getting message "unable to connect to ninjatrader( Please make sure ninja trader is running. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I hope someone can point me in the right ...

Recurring Subscription Errors

Hello   Why did you charged me GBP 30,00 on the 4th of January when my subscription was already payed until the 22nd of January ?    Why do I have to pay almost two months in advance and it still says my subscription will end on the 22nd of January instead of the 22nd of February ...