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Error on launch

I just installed bfexporer and everything was ok until I shut down and when I tried to restart I got the following error: 'The visual is not connected to a presentationsource'.................... I have uninstalled and reinstalled and got same thing.    

Market View

Hi, I used to use bfexporer a few years ago and a view that I liked was the normal betfair view which also displayed the total amount traded on a selection, how do I see this now? Thanks

BOT execution

Hi Guys,   I have a dutch bot that I would like to execute automatically for all the races that I have selected today. I would like the Dutch bot to fire 3 mins before each race. I have started the BOT executor but am scratching my head regarding the settings...can ...

BOT Specification

Hi, I'm not sure if this is possible. I'd like a dutching BOT primarily for the UK and Irish horses.  1. be able to dutch on selected markets automatically. 2. 3 favourites at close to the off 3. be able to set a percentage of dutching liability back bet as profit (or use % back ...

BOT request

Hi Guys,   Is there anybody who does BOT requests?. I love the look of this software but I'm having a bit of trouble working out how it all fits together. I'm going to persevere but in the meantime I was wondering if there are any paid programmers who could do a dutching BOT for me that would ...

Football Code (max bet per match)

I have already the bot strategies written in Python which appear to be different to yours bots written in F# / C# My issue is that the code occationaly backs a football match multiple times eg where the BACK / LAY conditions are met which exceeds my % risk per match for the total balance .. Do you ...


Hello. I can not connect to the program NinjaTrader. Help me to understand. very necessary((

Football bot stop if conditions not met

Hello, I am trialing your software and it seems it can do great things with many condtions. Its a pitty it is only for two days trial as I have no time to see all the functions. Anyways I have a question that maybe you can help. I am using football bot to check the score of the game and ...

Login problem

Hello,    Since yesterday I can use BF explorer. It wont allow me to get to login page. I have reinstalled the program, but still no luck. I have a screenshot which I can provide if you can send me your email address.   Thanks

DevExp - syntax 1 line

Hello Stefan & All I do not have the old or the new SDk's, I have not needed them in my mind. I would like to ammend the latter part   ConditionalFormattingIconSetValue[] { minPoint, midPoint, maxPoint } ) of the MY (ie. incorrect ) syntax as below let cfRule = ...