Soccer Injury Time

Is there any possibility for bots to have access to how many minutes for injury time are given by the referees at the end of each half on soccer matches ?

Football Livescores

Football Livescorers are not working. Scheduled Order/Bot Executer bots won't start at a given Match Time and/or given Result. Can you plesase let me know what's wrong with this software Livescores ? Thank you

Run Execute until profit on 2 different My Events

Hi, Can you show me how to set up and run 2 seperate Execute until profit bots on 2 different events. Example: I want to run Execute until profit on Australian horse racing & I want to run Execute until profit on US horse racing. Both tallys to be kept seperate. No mixing of US & AU ...

Bfexplorer Latest Release

Version 2.0.7580 Adding StrategyReference to My Bet Results.   Version 2.0.7509 Betfair charts URL update. Version 2.0.7467 Adding Home/AwayNumberOfRedCards and CornersDifference to Football bot Start/StopCriteria parameters. Version 2.0.7459 PriceTradedHistory.MyValues for custom ...

My Results to Spreadsheet

To report strategy results to spreadsheet we can use Bfexplorer Console tool allowing executing script and so allowing reading any data available in bfexplorer app. Here is the script I showed in my short video tutorial: ShowMyMartingaleStrategyResults.fsx What is very important when executing ...


Hello, i dont have Paypal account can i use the Paypal of a friend to pay for the subscription?

Football Over Strategy

Here we are again, another bespoke bot strategy I developed last week, and the need for some instruction tutorial. From previous time I learned that it is not so good idea to deliver bespoke bot solution in assembly files. In such case user must extract files and copy them to bfexplorer app folder. ...

drip feed bot

how do auto upload bets for horse racing to set up drip feed bot? i want to set the horse and the minimum price to back and have the bot spread the bet out based on volume of matched money.

Strategy/Bot Executor Update Intervals

When using Strategy/Bot Executor, with Update Interval set, for example, to 10 seconds, if I schedule a bot to place a bet when 1-0 is scored, as Live Scores are independent from Betfair data readings, will that bet will be also placed with a up to 10 seconds delay ? And if I use a BeTheFirstInQueue ...

Betfair Charts Tool

I started working on this project on November 2019. I thought  that other software developer find it interesting because this tool offers application interface API to access market data so allowing to develop own client applications in any programming language you like to use for web ...