Bfexplorer Latest Release

Version 2.0.8174 Cumulative updates. Version 2.0.8117 Adding GoalBeingScored parameter to Football bot. Version 2.0.8113 Adding StopBotExecutionOnMarketVersionChange parameter to all selection bots. Version 2.0.8077 Betfair API update for 1 GBP minimal stake and Data Context Browser ...


Não consigo acessar o aplicativo Bfexplorer...pede o codigo de subscrição, ja coloquei o que tem no forum, mas nao dar certo, o que faço?

All Football Match Odds Cancelled

If I select MATCH_ODDS and another market (i.e. CORRECT_SCORE) for the same match in Strategy/Bot Executor, when CORRECT_SCORE market starts inplay, all MATCH_ODDS bots are cancelled for that same match. In Strategy/Bot Executor MATCH_ODDS market bots only work if no other markets are selected for ...

Football LiveScores Feed Down Again

Football LiveScores Feed is Down Again. Please let me know what is wrong and when to expect it to be working again. Thank you

Football Live Scores Down

Football Live Scores keep 0-0 results and 0' match time during the whole matches- It is impossible for my bots to work like this.

Can not build Bot SDK

Hello, I am trying to build BOT SDK, but get many errors. I have installed the last version of MS Visual Studio Community 2019, All .NET frameworks are installed on my PC I have downloaded and installed the newest BFexplorer version But looks like BOT SDK code and project references do not ...

Question about strategy

Hello, I would like to implement strategy like this:   1) 10 minutes before horse racing match every horse total matched money value is saved 2) 10 seconds before match start check which value increased the most (compare current matched money with saved value) 3) bet on that ...

Soccer Injury Time

Is there any possibility for bots to have access to how many minutes for injury time are given by the referees at the end of each half on soccer matches ?

Football Livescores

Football Livescorers are not working. Scheduled Order/Bot Executer bots won't start at a given Match Time and/or given Result. Can you plesase let me know what's wrong with this software Livescores ? Thank you

Run Execute until profit on 2 different My Events

Hi, Can you show me how to set up and run 2 seperate Execute until profit bots on 2 different events. Example: I want to run Execute until profit on Australian horse racing & I want to run Execute until profit on US horse racing. Both tallys to be kept seperate. No mixing of US & AU ...