Bfexplorer - Betfair BOT SDK

Betfair BOT SDK is a set of .NET libraries you can use to develop betfair trading applications or betfair bots. It offers betfair api client and application domain and service used by bfexplorer:

In seven sample projects you can find following:

Using betfair api in C# or F# programming (sample code can be ported to other .NET languages as well). Two projects BetfairApiConsole and BetfairApiConsoleFSharp, show how to login/logout to betfair and how to load market catalogs.


BfexplorerServiceConsole project shows how to use bfexplorer application service to login/logout, and to retrieve market catalog data (10 currently open football match odds markets at in-play), retrieving first market and updating it every 5 seconds.

BfexplorerService implements application domain and base service required to build a trading application like bfexplorer. For instance when you want to open a betfair market, just by using BetfairApi client you need to call following api methods: listMarketCatalogue and listMarketBook. BfexplorerService offers GetMarket or GetMarkets methods, so in one call you get everything necessary.

In MyBotTriggers project you can find more than 30 bot triggers to execute action bots, place bets, check football match score and so on.

If you want to integrate your bot with bfexplorer Bot Editor, then have a look on MyCsharpBot or MyFsharpBot project.

If you need to access bfexplorer data or automate user interface interaction, then use scripts from MyConsoleScripts project.

How to use it:

Install bfexplorer and login to betfair to activate your betfair api access.

You can use Bfexplorer BOT SDK for free if you are active member of Bfexplorer Community forum when using Betfair API client only.

If your betfair trading solution requires more features then depending on which feature you will use, your subscription fee can vary from 2.5 to 15 or 30 GBP per month.

By downloading and installing bfexplorer you agree to its terms and conditions. Please read the following risk notice to ensure that you fully understand any risk before you use bfexplorer. Read this short tutorial to setup your bfexplorer.

I have read and accept Bfexplorer Terms and Conditions.

Comments ( 1 )

  • Stefan
    25.4.2016 20:27:20

    From betfair forum:

    Originally Posted by JayBee

    The above requires a subscription fee.

    JAYBEE, you are wrong.

    Bfexplorer BOT SDK is free and everything what user needs is to post on bfexplorer forum, and there is for it just one rational reason. Betfair api access is activated automatically each month by my authorization system on my web site, to active betfair api access, or better to say to generate betfair subscription code, and this is done only for those who posted articles, or comments. I do not have to do it manually, it is done automatically also for those who use free version of bfexplorer, not only for BOT SDK users.

    Using Bfexplorer BOT SDK, anyone can choose what he will use, and there are 4 different levels of using Bfexplorer BOT SDK code and/or assemblies/services.

    Bfexplorer app is just environment for loading markets, bots execution, and evaluation of results, and so on. If betfair programmer chooses to use BOT SDK and create bots which will be integrated to bfexplorer app (those are just projects MyCsharpBot or MyFsharpBot and MyBotTriggers), then is obvious he needs to execute them with bfexplorer.

    On the other hand he can use those 2 levels of programming with api only, and bfexplorer app domain, and in this case he will build his own app on those libraries, and it is really up to him, if he builds some user interface for his app, or will run it like console app or as a service, or as a web application on platform.

    For those who would require my support with bot development and will use bfexplorer app, there are 2 subscription plans. Either he decides to post on bfexplorer forum, or not, then of course he will subscribe, but his subscription fee can be just zero 0 GBP, 2.5 or 15 when posting on bfexplorer forum, or when donating amount between 2.5 to 15.

    If he does not want to post anything to forum, then of course he will subscribe with Professional or Basic subscription plan.

    I fully understand your opinion because no one will need to read your book, all what you describe in your book is already done.

    Please leave on betfairians what and how will be used. Those who want to build betfair apps from scratch and cannot read betfair documentation to betfair api will certainly buy your book.

    Those who want to skip this part, and actually develop only bot strategies or trading models can use my BOT SDK, or any other publicly available assemblies. On this forum I think can be found at least 3 or 5 such betfair libraries, mine is just one of them.