Horse Racing Odds Movement Prediction

Can we predict odds movement on betfair horse racing markets?

Analyzing betfair data to trigger trading on horse racing markets.

My two videos shows how to use integrated Web Browser to load data from external web site. Use placeholder "%s" in your urls to navigate to currently open market.  

Strategy Performance

Horse racing strategy perfomance.  

John's Manual - Testing Place my back/lay bets bot

To test this bot we open horse racing win market and select a horse we want to place back/lay bets on.  Clicking on "Add a new order/bot" toolbar button in the "Bots to Execute" view, the dialog appears and we can add our bot: "Place My Back/Lay Bets".  I left default bot setting so to ...

Bot executor

If your strategy needs to execute a triggered betfair bot, just couple seconds before a market start time, then you should use Bot Executor tool, and if you manually select your market selections then you should use Bot Executor for Selections tool.

Profit STOP - Bot Executor for Selections

Dear Stefan or anybody, I have a question. Is there any bot that stops my "daily profit"? In another words, I am trading several matches and when I achieve some desired profit e.g. 100 EUR a need bot to stop my trading. Thank you for answer * Edited by Stefan, 27.4.2016 Let’s say you want ...

Case Study 24 - Commands and triggers

From Cymatic forum: Hey all, looking to purchase the software due to a recommendation, studied the user guides and video's however I am unable to locate the answer to ''IS this possible?'' if so ''What Commands?'' I am looking for a bit of advice in regards to commands and triggers. My intentions ...

Case Study 22 - How to delay bets in tennis

From Bet Angel forum: I am working on tennis bot, but my main problem is unsettled markets. In tennis after each point there is a few seconds of chaos as you know, odds moving up and down to find the right places. How can I make my bot wait a few seconds before placing a bet? Bfexplorer ...

Case Study 21 – Lay the draw in-play

From Bet Angel forum: I want to lay the football draw in play and green out when goal is scored, easy enough which i can do fine. However, I want to lay the draw when odds reach a certain price, this is also easy enough. What I am having trouble is how I tell guardian to lay the draw only when ...

Case Study 20 - Stop at winner automation

From Bet Angel forum: Would this be possible Dallas? Backs favorites only, user can set commission, liability, stake, etc. Can be set up on first race, but can it be automated to carry over, into next races? Bfexplorer Solution: The first bot, an action bot will place back bet. We use Place Bet ...