No subscription

Hi,I just bought the 1 month subscription through paypal however, i cannot login. Please can you help?Thanks,Dan

Bfexplorer Latest Release

Version 3.9.0425 Cumulative updates to the Bfexplorer Preview version  Version 3.1.1021 - preview Betfair menu view and Copy Trading tool. Version 2.0.8174 Cumulative updates. Version 2.0.8117 Adding GoalBeingScored parameter to Football bot. Version ...

Cannot Login

I have subscribed today for 1 month professional but cannot login. I get a message saying that my credentials are invalid. What can be this problem ?

Entry Criteria

Which Entry Criteria do you recommend to create a bot to cancel a specific bet, whenever a market has any back stakes below the odd 2 on a given selection ?  Do any of these Entry Criteia valid inputs refer to Odds ...

Bfexplorer 2024 Preview

In the new year I will release the new version of bfexplorer. If you want to test the preview version, please download it from my dropbox: The app requires WebView2 Runtime - Evergreen ...

Silk Horse Racing

Betfair has updated the horse silks, would it be possible for an update to appear in the software?

MyCsharpBot compiling error

I just download you SDK, to test MyCsharpBot but unfortunately this project give me a compiler error on ShowSelectionSpPricesBot constructor. What I missed?

Two-Factor authentication

Is possible to login with BfExplorer when Two Factor Authentication is active on Betfair Account? I was forced to deactivate it in order to log in to BfExplore correctly.

Are you familiar with the bfexplorer app? If not ask Chat GPT.

Yes, I am familiar with the bfexplorer app. bfexplorer is a popular software application designed for Betfair exchange users. It provides a range of features and tools for betting, trading, and automating strategies on the Betfair platform. Users can create and execute their own custom bots, utilize ...

Best VPS for bfexplorer

Which VPS service and confuguration do you recommend for bfexplorer best performance ?