Automated Kelly staking

Is it possible to implement an automated Kelly (or half/quarter Kelly) staking strategy using Bfexplorer? Specifically I want to be able to adjust bets on horse racing using this method.

Automation: SMS, WhatsApp, Email - Alerts possible?

From bet angel forum: Not quite sure where to put this question, but does anyone know of anything that could automate some kind of alert, either from within Bet Angel or Betfair that would maybe send an email, or a message of some kind. Due to having a regular 9-5 office job, I find myself nipping ...

Soccer Injury Time

Is there any possibility for bots to have access to how many minutes for injury time are given by the referees at the end of each half on soccer matches ?

Football Livescores

Football Livescorers are not working. Scheduled Order/Bot Executer bots won't start at a given Match Time and/or given Result. Can you plesase let me know what's wrong with this software Livescores ? Thank you

Run Execute until profit on 2 different My Events

Hi, Can you show me how to set up and run 2 seperate Execute until profit bots on 2 different events. Example: I want to run Execute until profit on Australian horse racing & I want to run Execute until profit on US horse racing. Both tallys to be kept seperate. No mixing of US & AU ...

Betfair Data Analyzer

Know your data when making betfair trading strategies.

I still have some issues

Firstly: I don't want to cap the take profit. But I put 1200 as a high number. Same for Target loss. I will play with them later.   I would like to load as many futures races as I can. Not all races. Example (All Australian horse races). But it could be greyhounds or any other type. I see in ...

I need help

I have now paid for support, I'd like you to help me setup the following and show me how to execute this on races. Ive never used your bot before so please give a step by step instruction:   A Place bet bot Execute Till Target Profit   Conditions: Minimum 4 runners Lay bet 30 ...

I want to pay someone to help setup my strategy

Either I'm too stupid to do this alone or I can't find any real help articles. Help videos are silent. And finding the videos is difficult. So can someone please help me. I'm willing to pay you to help me setup based on the following. From what I can tell I need 2 bots to achieve the ...

Football Automation Accurate Goal Recognition

From betangel forum: I'm trying to work out a way to get accurate goal recognition for one of my guardian bots.  Is using the Correct Score market the only way to do this within Bet Angel? Can BetAngel can obviously tell when a market is closed so could the goal markets be used to recognize ...