Cash Out All

"Cash Out All" markets is a simple web based application that allow an overview of all Betfair Exchange markets in which you have open positions, allowing you to "cash out" on one a more in a single button click!

Cash Out All - Bet Position


Using the App you can select the specific markets that you’d like to Cash Out on or alternatively Cash Out on all markets using a single Cash Out All button.

You can refresh your overall bet position across all selected markets to receive your up to date P&L position. The App is designed for customers who want to cash out easily, either when at home or on the move.

The app is available via your mobile or desktop browser.

Key Features

  • Cash Out All on all active markets, or selected ones only
  • Cash Out All on all event types, or selected ones only
  • Cash Out on selected market only
  • My bet results for last month