Analyzing betfair data to trigger trading on horse racing markets.

My two videos shows how to use integrated Web Browser to load data from external web site. Use placeholder "%s" in your urls to navigate to currently open market.  

Rohit's Manual - Testing football bot strategy

To test this football strategy we need a match already in progress. I opened "Football Score" tool by clicking on the menu item Tools / My Tools and selecting Football Score and clicking on Open button.  In Football Score I added hidden column Time, so I was able to sort matches by match ...

Dutching Tools/Bet Wizards

If you want to place your dutching bets on market selections, then first open a market and then clicking on Market / Bet Wizards menu item, choose dutching wizard to either place back or lay dutching bets, or back dutching bets on multiple markets.

Bot executor

If your strategy needs to execute a triggered betfair bot, just couple seconds before a market start time, then you should use Bot Executor tool, and if you manually select your market selections then you should use Bot Executor for Selections tool.

My Betfair Bots

You can use betfair bots if your trading strategy is suitable for automation or conditional trigger betting and trading. Bfexplorer offers following betfair bots: Place bet Be the first in queue Fill or kill Close selection bet position Close selection bot position at odds Place bet and ...

Betfair Football Model Bot

In following days I am about to start building my own model for football betting or trading on betfair markets. My first step was to implement betfair bot integrated to bfexplorer infrastructure so I can execute it manually on selected markets or using Bot Executor on all football markets. My bot ...

Be the First in Queue Betfair Bot

Here is a question from my mailbox: Ok, I want to extend my subscription (earlier I used bfexplorer pro), but I notice that interface of bfexplorer changed a lot. I need to use "Be the First in Queue" bot. For example, can you understand me please how can I use in the game Drogheda-Cork City ...

Nikos's Manual – How to Setup Oddschecker Bot (part 2)

In the first part of Nikos's manual I showed how to add, update, execute and cancel bot execution. In this second part I show how to setup “My Horse Racing Oddschecker Strategy” bot. This bot is a trigger bot firing an action bot when all set criteria are met. The bot implements 3 types ...


Some tipster web sites offer API to load different type of data. Let me know if anyone is interested to learn more about this project or want to participate on data analyzing or some betting/trading strategy development.

Case Study 11 - Football Bet After Goal Is Scored

From Market Feeder forum: How to get trigger to understand when football match underdog first score a goal? Bfexplorer Solution: In my short video I show a football “bot trigger” implementing the base feature of such football bot. At the moment you execute this bot, it is assumed that ...