• Intuitive and Customizable User Interface

    Choose one of three user interfaces for your betfair trading. Create your application workspace for trading on ladders, or for betfair bot execution.

  • Quick Navigation and Browsing Through Betfair Markets

    Create your favourite events to browse quickly for markets you want to trade on. Searching, sorting and filtering is supported across the entire application on any data.

  • Support for Trading on Multiple Markets Simultaneously

    Monitoring odds trend for chosen market selections and watching for current profit on open bet positions. Possibility to close bet position on a market selection, on entire market or on all open bet positions.

  • Trading Tools and Betfair Bots, Support for Automated Trading

    Placing dutch bets, closing a bet position on selection or on entire market. Be the firts in queue, Tick offset, Drip feeding, Trading bots, Trailing stop loss and more than ten other betfair bots. Tools for automated trading and betfair strategies.

  • Not yet betfair user? Get your free bet.

    Take winnings early or cut losses. Cash Out singles and accumulators. You're in control - you decide. Automatically get the best prices from The Exchange the moment you place your Sportsbook bets. Win or lose, we'll match your first bet with a free bet up to £50.

Welcome to betfair trading software.

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  • Admin
    5.7.2019 9:36:38

    Click on the menu item:

    View / Workspaces / Add

    And add your workspace. You can create as many of workspaces you want to, for instance I have got three workspaces: Bot, Trading, and Tennis Trading.

    You can switch off not used views and rearrange them, resize them and so on. For trading you can set ladders as the main user interface for Bet Event view, for Bot (or whatever you name it yourself) just market grid view, and so on.

    Having more than one workspace you can switch between them, it is automatically added in My Workspaces menu, where you can choose which workspace bfexplorer will use by default.

    Once a workspace is created you can Save it, I mean in already added workspace if you make some changes, you need to save it, it is not done automatically during bfexplorer app closing.   

    Of course, selected workspace is automatically loaded during bfexplorer app starting.

    For more details please read this article and watch video:


    You ask this after how many years of using bfexplorer app? Well that is really sad, as it seems you never clicked on any menu item, and as any application have a menu, the bfexploer have the one as well, the five menu groups offering all application actions/operations, so:

    Application, Market, View, Tools, Help

  • Bodasy
    4.7.2019 19:42:43

    Can't scores be fixed on early version ?

  • Corneliu
    4.7.2019 19:10:15

    There's no Football Score on all matches for the last 25 hours... 

  • Admin
    4.7.2019 16:51:52

    Wait for couple matches, and if I am right and problems are just seldom json data type mismatch on some matches then the chance is that you will be able to use old version again.

    If not and betfair actually fixed that problem and json data are in new format for all matches, then you will have to update to the latest version of bfexplorer, as I had to change code of football data provider to make it work.

    What so difficult to understand?

  • Corneliu
    4.7.2019 16:38:59

    Yes, can you please tell how to reactivate Football Scores on older versions ?

  • Tony
    4.7.2019 16:33:35

    Can you please try the version I have sent you ? Thank you so much

  • Admin
    4.7.2019 16:26:46

    Watch this video, as I said with the latest version of bfexplorer all works fine.

    I do not remember exact date but month or two ago during one of my live session on trading football markets I noticed that some matches were not updated further investigation showed that some of json data were not the same type as football live score provider required, so update of match data failed. I fixed that and released.

    You are saying that what worked yesterday does not work today, so the mismatch of data in json is just temporally, not occurring on all matches. I did not trade football those days so I hardly to say, but my version of bfexplorer works without problems.

    Backup your old version as mentioned, or just use the latest version, the chance is that problem is really only in those mismatch of json data, so your old version can start working later, if you do not want to update to the latest version.

    I would really suggest using common sense, as when program works for days, and then suddenly stops working, it is not because something worn out, so the problem must be out of program, in data the program uses.

  • Bodasy
    4.7.2019 16:25:05

    Hello I use version from last summer and have same problem with live score and football bot since yesterday. Kust need to know how to ractivate Live Scores on my bfex. Tks

  • Corneliu
    4.7.2019 14:11:15

    No live match data here also.

  • Tony
    4.7.2019 14:04:38

    I also have got no match data on My Tools » "Football Score" window. It surely must be that the reason. How may I get that live data again for the football bots to start ?

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