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    Choose one of three user interfaces for your betfair trading. Create your application workspace for trading on ladders, or for betfair bot execution.

  • Quick Navigation and Browsing Through Betfair Markets

    Create your favourite events to browse quickly for markets you want to trade on. Searching, sorting and filtering is supported across the entire application on any data.

  • Support for Trading on Multiple Markets Simultaneously

    Monitoring odds trend for chosen market selections and watching for current profit on open bet positions. Possibility to close bet position on a market selection, on entire market or on all open bet positions.

  • Trading Tools and Betfair Bots, Support for Automated Trading

    Placing dutch bets, closing a bet position on selection or on entire market. Be the firts in queue, Tick offset, Drip feeding, Trading bots, Trailing stop loss and more than ten other betfair bots. Tools for automated trading and betfair strategies.

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  • Rui
    12.2.2018 21:32:57

     Absolutely fantastic upgrade, the features you added to the "Football Bot" and "FillorKill" bots. They really open a new wide range of approaches as "Football Bot" times, as well as placing and cancelling of KeepInPlay bets can now be much more accurate.   

  • Stefan
    9.2.2018 16:33:14


    Of course you can cancel any unmatched bet individually, through My Bets select a bet and click on Cancel button.

    On ladder click on Odds column of unmatched bet.

    On the other hand if your bet was placed by bot, and bot is managing this unmatched bet, then manually canceling individual unmatched bet either the way I described above or through betfair web site will cause cancelling a bet of course but as your bot is is still operating on a market selection the bet will be placed by bot again.

    Cancelling/stopping bot execution when a bot has unmatched bets will cause cancelling of unmatched bets the bot placed.

    Therefore in trading ladder UI control toolbars you can see button: Cancel All Orders / Bots.

    If you place more unmatched bets on many markets, then you can click in Navigation view on “Events with my bets”, what will open all markets you have got bets in Event Browser, from there you can simply select all, and Open them for monitoring in bfexplorer just by clicking on the Open button.

    Now if you really want to cancel all unmatched bets on these markets, you can type in Bfexplorer Console:



    and click on Execute button will cancel all bets. As described this procedure requires opening of markets with bets, but I can and to Bfexplorer Console tool, other type of command for cancelling all bets. Why I implemented this cancelling feature only for open markets in bfexplorer? Because this way you have got chance to check on which markets you are about to cancel all bets.

  • Rui
    9.2.2018 15:24:42

    All of your help and advice is of great value to me.

    1) Isn't it possible to cancel the unmatched bets individually ?

    2) The greatest problem here is that the referees always add minutes at the end of the first half and the 90 minutes. I'll send you e-mail with all specs and you'll let me know how much could it cost to retrieve and process this extra info.

    3) This is great. Thanks !   

  • Stefan
    9.2.2018 13:39:13


    If your football strategy requires stopping all bots execution and cancelling unmatched bets at match time then you can use bot called: “Stop Market Monitoring” without setting StopAtTime parameter. To execute action bot at match time use Football bot, setting MatchTime and BotName to: Stop Market Monitoring, or whatever you named “Stop Market Monitoring” bot settings.


    “Football Bot” offers only match time value; there is no information whether match is plaid or it is half time break. You can use MatchTime setting with value > 45, or > 90 to start action bot execution at extra time.

    There are some additional status information’s in football api, so your use case scenario could be covered by custom built bot. If you are able to pay for it, send me exact specification, and I will reply with my price for such bot project.


    I have added new parameter to “Footbal Bot” named: MatchTimeStop, when you set it the bot will stop its execution at set time without executing action bot set by BotName parameter.

    Description for MatchTime parameter says:

    “Set if you want to trigger the action bot when match time is reached.”

  • Stefan
    7.2.2018 11:54:38

    You want to place a bet so to automate this procedure you will use “Place Bet” bot settings, setting BetType to Lay, Stake to 5, and alternatively OfferMyBet (checked or unchecked).

    You want to lay away team so ExecuteOnSelection must be set to 2.

    Name such bot settings: “Lay away team”, or whatever better describers your strategy, keep in mind that you can create hundreds of different bot settings, so proper naming convention will help you to use such bots.

    As your strategy requires checking price on another selection (your place bet bot will place your bet), you need to use bot called: “Execute Bots”.

    You add to parameter BotNames: “Lay away team”, you can do so by clicking on … button, and then selecting your bot and adding it.

    The parameter ExecuteOnSelection must be set to 3 (draw selection is 3rd on football Match Odds market). The parameter EvaluateEntryCritriaOnlyOnce must be checked, and finally in “Entry Criteria” you add: LastPriceTraded Is less than 3.5

    You can name your bot settings: “Lay away team if draw < 3.5”

    To automate your bot execution, open football match odds markets in Event Browser view. Now you either select matches or will execute your strategy on all matches in the “Event Browser”, just click on “Execute in Order / Bot Executor” button, in dialog select your bot, so: “Lay away team if draw < 3.5”, set Start execution time, and check or uncheck “Open only selected” . Clicking on Open button, your football matches will be loaded to “Order / Bot Executor” and your bot will be automatically executed at set time.

  • Stefan
    18.1.2018 19:16:05

    I did not implement any kind of algorithm to evaluate entry points, the moment in time when your unique strategy should be executed on exact selection and exact but type.

    If you think about it, it is actually the key factor to become profitable bettor or trader.

    There is zillion of ways to achieve it and any of the ways is unique depending on your knowledge of sport, betting/trading and mainly your knowledge of software development as in last year’s many could apply machine learning to this process.

    In your case you can create trigger script to evaluate what you say, so calculate traded odds range and from that decide at what odds range you allow to execute your trading strategy.

    If you are not able to program them you must do so manually selecting horses you think would moved favorably to your set trading criteria.

    This article shows what a trigger script is and how to use it.


  • MopsyTurtle
    18.1.2018 17:42:48

    Many thanks for adding those clauses to the Repeat bot.

    I haven't yet figured out a way to tell a bot where the trading range is. So unfortunately a horse that is drifting will continue to lose money. Is there anyway to do that and I have missed it?

    I want to put a back bet in at the upper part of the trading range and then wait for a favorable swing.


  • Stefan
    18.1.2018 16:40:21

    Use trading bot: “Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position” setting Profit and Loss parameters (of course you can set different parameters for this bot to influence bot behavior when placing opening bet and closing one, test different settings).

    “Repeat Until” bot did not offer parameters required by your strategy, but I have just added two parameters: StopOnTime and to RepeatUntilParameter has been added “LossTarget”.

    Install the latest version of bfexplorer. First, test in practice mode only.

  • Stefan
    10.1.2018 18:09:51

    Bfexplorer is living app, and as I use it myself for daily trading, building my bots or building bespoke solutions on this platform, things can change, and sometimes very rapidly.

    If you would specify a feature, really nice one, the app feature that could be used by many, not just something only you would use, then depending on amount of time it needs for implementation, it can appear in bfexplorer in hours or just couple days.

    The same is true, when you find a bug, as I use bfexplorer myself, I can fix such bug in minutes and release new version of bfexplorer the same day you report a problem/bug.

    There are many such features added to bfexplorer and advertised only on my blog posts, for instance this feature:

    http://bfexplorer.net/Community/BlogContent/291 #Analyzing betfair data to trigger trading on horse racing markets.

    In very old videos, you could see “My Bots” view/window. English is foreign language for me, and I understand what a term “bot” means in this context, on the other hand for others this term is misleading.

    Therefore in one discussion on forum, where one user coming from financial background, where they use terms like instrument and order, I took a term order as better way to declare what or bot does.

    Bot basically places a bet when criteria are met, or better to say it is instruction of how a bet should be placed, it is and order which can be executed, therefore whenever the bot term had been used I added order, so My Bots view became “My Orders / Bots to Execute”

    So when you add a bot to the view/window: “My Orders / Bots to Execute” you create your bot for later use/reuse therefore the full name: My Bots to Execute.

    Some people thought that after you create a bot, it is automatically executed, therefore that addition to original “My Bots” to Execute.

    Other betfair apps use terms like triggers, rules or guardians. But such terms are not so suitable in bfexplorer context, here is better to use bot, as piece of code executing automated tasks:


    Yes, in some videos you can see a lot of bots in “Add a new bot” dialog as I do bespoke bot development as well, but such bots are not publicly available. Bfexplorer offers 23 bots, plus 5 Community Bots. To community bot assembly I added helpful bots like bots for saving market prices to database, or helper bots like: “Horse Racing Race Status” so basically bots which do not place bets, but are helpful in analyzing data, and so on.

    Community Bots are also available in source code, included in Bfexplorer BOT SDK.

  • MopsyTurtle
    9.1.2018 20:06:25

    In case I was on the wrong version of the software, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it using the link that you provided. The filesize was 21.8 MB.

    The version I have installed says that is version 2.0.6580

    Nothing has changed. There is still no "My bots" tab in the navigation window. The "My Tools" window has only 3 tools.

    I was just watching a video on youtube that had a long list of "BFExplorer Community Bots". I have a a window that says "My orders / Bots to execute", which has a plus icon that when I click has a list of bots, but not the community bots.

    There is clearly something wrong, especially because my menu bar and windows are different to those that I've seen in the videos.

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