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  • Betfair Bot
    23.5.2020 15:43:21

    If required feature is not yet implemented in pre-built bfexplorer bots you can create your own bot trigger.

    When opening some markets in bfexplorer for monitoring we can see charts in ladders or in the Bet Event grid view in Watched Selections and so on.

    What does it mean?

    It means that bfexplorer app must process some way this data for charts. And yes, software developer using Bfexplorer BOT SDK can find that Selection object offers following property: PriceTradedHistory, and there either TradedPrices or Prices.

    In the user interface of bfexplorer app a common user can browse this data by clicking on selection context menu: Show Selection Data

    Ok, we know where our data are so now we can program simple bot trigger code:


    How the average traded price is calculated can be seen in the function: getAverageTradedPriceFromTime (lines from 48 to 63)

    And how this function is used to trigger an action bot is on lines from 82 to 91.

    What we must realize when developing this kind of strategies is the fact that bfexplorer must monitor market for required time, and that data are stored only for limited time, it is saved 60 last data points.

    There is also other alternative to get traded price. I showed that at the end of my short video.

  • Betfair Bot
    23.5.2020 12:43:38

    For instance when running machine learning strategy on horse racing markets I set Strategy Bot Executor to load horse racing win markets each day at 10:00.  

    Start execution time is set to -15 seconds, because ML strategy requires loading some data for each race.

    Update interval is set to 1 second.

    Now count!

    Strategy Bot Executor before starting bot execution on the market updates market data, that is 1 call to betfair api.

    As the strategy requires those data for each race (it is not data from betfair api), the bot executes download of this data and processing, it takes by average 6 seconds. So during these 6 seconds, as “Strategy Bot Executor” monitors market data, the market data are 6 times updated (bfexplorer 6 times queries betfair api to listMarketBook method) .

    After data are loaded, bot processing them and decides if any bet is placed on this market. As the bot is executed in the update market cycle, in one cycle this data are evaluated and in the next cycle the bot places bet on dedicated selection.

    Update interval is set to 1 second, and we know that any update cycle requires bfexplorer to call betfair api for market data.

    If the bot will not continue with bet placing, the bot execution is finished and so the market monitoring is stopped as well.

    Now count!

    1 + 6 + 2 = 9 queries to betfair api.

    If the bot continues with bet placing, the action bot is created and executed on the dedicated market selection (1 cycle).

    If the bet placing is done by “Place Bet” bot, then from execution of the “Place Bet” and actually placing bet the bot requires additional 1 cycle (have a look at Place Bet parameters).

    Placing bets through betair api is done by other api method: placeOrders. And as the update interval is set to 1 second, but as there are two different api calls done by bfexplorer, and bot operates in the market update cycle, bet placing status must be confirmed in the market update status only, so successful bet placing operation even if takes 200-300ms takes for bot execution in 2 cycles.

    1 + 2 = 3, and totally 9 + 3 = 12 queries to betfair api for market updates.

    Ok, my bot places bet on current offer, and in UK horse racing there is good offer, so bet is immediately matched, If not “Place Bet” bot updates bet to be fully matched, so let say 6 cycles are additional needed.

    12 + 6 = 18 queries to betfair api.

    If there are 100 races per day my strategy requires maximum: 100 * 18 = 1800 queries to betfair api.

    So monthly: 1800 * 30 = 54000

    I simply can count, and try not to use too much betfair resources. Of course, I can execute trading strategies that require monitoring markets for 10-30 minutes, but then again I adjust update interval and try to monitor as less of markets as possible.

  • Bodasy
    23.5.2020 10:18:55

    please tell me how you manage to keep your bots running in your server 24/7 if you also say you are not that stupid when i ask you if you ever kept login bfexplorer software for several consecutive days ? 

    i only use bfexplorer software on my account and also got this message from betfair:


    Please ensure you stick to these lower refresh rates, but also make sure you close down all software that you are using when you are not actively betting as you should not be reading data in the background when you are not present at your computer, or when you are not betting.

    We will continue to monitor your account to ensure that you have lowered your reading, if you do not then restrictions will be placed on your account again. For now I will remove the market delay. 

    Kind Regards,

    Betfair Developer Program

  • Betfair Bot
    22.5.2020 22:20:03

     Try to install the latest version of bfexplorer.

    On my dev pc Windows 10, I have no problems all works fine. On my VPS (Windows Server 2012 R2) again all works fine, but on another server I have got the same problems you showed in your video.

    I will need more time to investigate this issue.

  • Betfair Bot
    22.5.2020 22:02:27

    Bodasy, do you really think I am so stupid?

    Please go to my blog posts:


    And you may find that I run many different strategies on my server in 24/7. Well, not these days as mostly I try to run horse racing strategies.

    Once again, any feature you can see in bfexplorer app was programmed mainly for my own needs, by me myself, I am software developer.


  • Bodasy
    22.5.2020 21:15:49

    did you ever kept logged in bfexplorer for several consecutive days ?

  • Betfair Bot
    22.5.2020 21:02:14

    Graf, I do not set those update interval values, but you do so.

    Bfexplorer is used by other users including me. Actually what I program in bfexplorer, I program mainly for my use, and I have never been switched to delayed api data like you three were.

  • Graf
    22.5.2020 20:55:02

    Sure. That is why Î say this delay must have been imposed because of low value in Strategy/Bot Executor Active markets Update intervals. It had nothing to do with passive markets.

  • Betfair Bot
    22.5.2020 20:44:06

    In Strategy Bot Executor tool you can add column: Total Matched, as in any other data view bfexplorer shows, when market data are updated, Total Matched must be updated as well, right?

    So please, add that column, and watch if value is updated for passive markets waiting for processing, of course they are not updated.

  • Graf
    22.5.2020 20:15:00

    In that case, problem can only be with Strategy/Bot Executor Active markets Update intervals. Maybe less than 2 seconds it's just much too low value. That is the only reason I can find...