• Intuitive and Customizable User Interface

    Choose one of three user interfaces for your betfair trading. Create your application workspace for trading on ladders, or for betfair bot execution.

  • Quick Navigation and Browsing Through Betfair Markets

    Create your favourite events to browse quickly for markets you want to trade on. Searching, sorting and filtering is supported across the entire application on any data.

  • Support for Trading on Multiple Markets Simultaneously

    Monitoring odds trend for chosen market selections and watching for current profit on open bet positions. Possibility to close bet position on a market selection, on entire market or on all open bet positions.

  • Trading Tools and Betfair Bots, Support for Automated Trading

    Placing dutch bets, closing a bet position on selection or on entire market. Be the firts in queue, Tick offset, Drip feeding, Trading bots, Trailing stop loss and more than ten other betfair bots. Tools for automated trading and betfair strategies.

  • Not yet betfair user? Get your free bet.

    Take winnings early or cut losses. Cash Out singles and accumulators. You're in control - you decide. Automatically get the best prices from The Exchange the moment you place your Sportsbook bets. Win or lose, we'll match your first bet with a free bet up to £50.

Welcome to betfair trading software.

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  • Stefan
    17.11.2022 12:49:58

    The web site has no security certificate (https), therefor when installing Bfexplorer app click on More info ..  and Run anyway button.

  • Stefan
    17.11.2022 12:48:07

    The web site has no security certificate (https), therefor when installing Bfexplorer app click on More info ..  and Run anyway button.


  • Stefan
    18.5.2022 8:33:18

    In some case betfair api activation takes some time, keep in mind that subscription code and api activation is done through betfair api on betfair servers.

    Try to login later again, for instance after 10 minutes.

  • Stefan
    7.11.2021 12:07:22

    The tool Strategy Bot executor has nothing to do with type of market used to execute bot strategies on. I think you misunderstand the concept of the MarketName parameter some of bots offer to execute an action bot on associated market.

  • Graf
    17.10.2021 20:47:59

    Yes, all is perfect, now. Thank you.

  • Tony
    14.10.2021 3:12:19

    Stefan was right ! One week later and all LiveScores seem to be working fine again. Sorry for raising up this issue. 

  • Graf
    10.10.2021 16:38:27

    Yes, it's good to know that Štefan is aware of this problem in Betfair website. I had no idea that there are only 15 paying subscribers, understand that his time and extra work should be compensated to improve live scores performance and wouldn't mind to contribute myself to have most important matches covered. Another very important issue for me would be to have goals confirmed only after ball goes to the midfield and match is resumed. If possible, that would also be a major upgrade.    

  • Tony
    9.10.2021 16:12:59

    Your software is very good, has some unique features and has been profitable while LiveScores for all important matches work fine. Is good to know that you believe Betfair will return LiveScores coverage and that you really care about this Betfair problem and your paying subscribers. Thank you very much for all your attention. 

  • Stefan
    9.10.2021 12:53:57

    You can post your requests to betfair score feed to betfair developer web site. One developer reported problems with its own app stopping to receive score from betfair web api:

    No Live Match Time or Live Scores for all main football matches


  • Graf
    8.10.2021 23:37:47

    I understand, but my bots need this data from main matches to be profitable. They cannot work only with live football match time and score from so few matches from lower leagues.