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    Choose one of three user interfaces for your betfair trading. Create your application workspace for trading on ladders, or for betfair bot execution.

  • Quick Navigation and Browsing Through Betfair Markets

    Create your favourite events to browse quickly for markets you want to trade on. Searching, sorting and filtering is supported across the entire application on any data.

  • Support for Trading on Multiple Markets Simultaneously

    Monitoring odds trend for chosen market selections and watching for current profit on open bet positions. Possibility to close bet position on a market selection, on entire market or on all open bet positions.

  • Trading Tools and Betfair Bots, Support for Automated Trading

    Placing dutch bets, closing a bet position on selection or on entire market. Be the firts in queue, Tick offset, Drip feeding, Trading bots, Trailing stop loss and more than ten other betfair bots. Tools for automated trading and betfair strategies.

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  • Betfair Bot
    18.7.2021 17:41:17

    You cannot execute betfair bot on a closed market. On the other hand you can run a bot on an open market and override EndExecution method, where you can check whether the market is really closed and then do whatever you want to.

    The EndExecution method is call as well when market is stopped or bot execution is finished, therefore you need to check: if market.MarketStatus = MarketStatus.Closed


    My bot example is in F#, but you can write your bot code in any .net programming language. Use LINQ to implement similar code like I used in my F# code.  

  • Betfair Bot
    17.7.2021 13:06:18


    By using BetfairServiceProvider:


    By using BfexplorerService:


    By using IBfexplorerService in Betfair Bot:



    Bfexplorer offers bot named: "Place SP Bet", so using this bot you setup its criteria, name it, and then you are ready to use it in any bot trigger.

    Yes, you can find PlaceBet/s method/s on BetfairServiceProvider or  BfexplorerService, but in such case you need to know what you want to do exactly, so first please read betfair api documentation:


  • Tony
    15.7.2021 20:32:01

    Yes, it was down only last night. It's working fine again. Thanks

  • M0ss@d
    15.7.2021 13:32:39

    Finally ! There was no football live scores data feed during all night. thank you.

  • Betfair Bot
    15.7.2021 11:40:41

    I have checked football live score and football bot, and on all currently live matches there is score feed available.

  • M0ss@d
    15.7.2021 3:06:28

    All my bots also stopped working because of football live scores data feed. What is happening ???

  • adska
    12.7.2021 17:16:42

    Thanks, works perfect!

  • Betfair Bot
    12.7.2021 17:12:53

    Trigger bot script is executed by bot named: "Execute Trigger Bot" and there is quite a lot of post about this bot on the bfexplorer forum.

    You cannot debug bot trigger script when the script is in .fsx file, because such script is built by bfexplorer so you have no access to the assembly.

    The bot trigger script can build in project assembly, just rename the bot script to .fs and add it to your bot assembly project. You must remove #r and #I directives, and because of IBotTrigger initialization by bfexplorer such bot script must be the only IBotTrigger object in your assembly.

    Again there are some posts on the bfexplorer forum showing how I debug bot trigger scripts without adding it to separate assembly, just search for IBotTrigger. Well yes, it was not true debugging in Visual studio, but I was able to use Visual Code as IDE for writing bot trigger code, and with all support of Intellisense and error checking when writing the bot trigger code in Visual Code.

  • Betfair Bot
    12.7.2021 8:46:32

    1) You must run Visual Studio as Administrator

    2) Debug your project starting external program:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer\Bfexplorer.exe

    3) And of course the project must be built to:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer\

    So you must set Build/Output path

  • adska
    11.7.2021 20:02:18

    I want debug project like in your video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZukmOSEWtKg&t=1s

    1) I set that it run external BFExplorer program


    2) I run debugger but breakpoints are not found, i can not debug and load my bots, what i am doing wrong?