Best VPS for bfexplorer

Which VPS service and confuguration do you recommend for bfexplorer best performance ?

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  • Stefan
    3.12.2023 15:47:54


    Open Task Manager and check how much CPU and Memory your bfexplorer app uses on your desktop pc. Bfexplorer uses really small amount of CPU but used memory depends on how much markets you open, or how many bot strategies you executes concurrently.

    When using Strategy Bot Executor tool, markets are monitored only from set time and when bot strategy ends its execution the market monitoring is automatically stopped.

  • Graf
    3.12.2023 23:59:31

    Yes, I always monitor task manager cpu and memory usage. But what I want to ask is which V.P.S. (Virtual Private Server) service and ideal configuration do you recommend as the best to run bfexplorer. thank you