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I tried BFexplorer, having used 3-4 different software applications beforehand.

The 2 days utilising the software, I managed to get a feel for the product and like the modern display on the black background.

Bets placed were very responsive with no lagging experienced from other products.

A few problems with the customisation, moving/resizing workspace but with further experience this may be overcome.

The ladder with high and low points graph display were very helpful.

One improvement I would like to see is the Countdown Timer before Off displayed in a more prominent space and the ability to resize font. I was caught out a few times as the Suspended status is not very prominent .

I could quite easily get used to this product with more use and would recomment it to other users.

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Comments ( 2 )

    13.12.2016 22:03:25

    Good review! 

  • Gmoney
    4.1.2018 12:10:26

    Just about to start my journey using bfexplorer. Can anyone tell me how to import bookmaker prices from Racing Post and/or Oddschecker please?