Green at reverse market price

From Bet Angel forum: Green at reverse market price Would I be correct in saying that when using reverse market price to green/close it isn't possible to go a tick above/below the current price? I've been racking my brain for a workaround but have come up empty. Obviously this would only be ...

Bot Trigger Building Part 1

When designing a bot, we need to have clearly defined rules before we start.  Bfexplorer already has a suite of ready to use functions and strategies.  One of the exciting things with Bfexplorer is that it's possibilities are virtually limitless, so much so that if your idea/rule is not ...

MyBotTriggers.dll usage

I am doing something wrong so if someone could help that would be great. I have built the MyBotTriggers.dll. There is a module called TestBotTrigger which has parameter called "execute". I have made a simple bot called "Place Bet" (which when run will place a bet on current selection) and this works ...

BOT SDK not loading Bfexplorer

With the Bfexplorer Bot Sdk, I have installed all the packages and can build the projects, but when I start it I always get exception to Enter Betfair Username and Password.  I have got bfexplorer open.  What am I doing wrong?

Multiple Trigger Usage

Could someone please explain how I can do the following: I want to execute a bot when 2 conditions (triggers) are true Trigger 1: race distance is between 1000 and 1350 meters Trigger 2: any horse in the race has odds between 1.5 and 2. Thanks

Интеграция со всем

А какие в программе есть опции интеграции со сторонними программами. Про Excel понятно, но это не очень удобно. Как минимум, нужен сам Excel.Мне нужно: а: передавать в триггеры значения запросов к внешним API, например статистику матча или коэффициенты других буков.б: передавать из триггера данные ...

Football Live Scores Stopped Working Again

Football Live Scores stopped working again tonight on all versions of this software :(

Soccer / Football Match Statistics into Excel

I like to talk to someone about creating some code to Import live soccer stats into excel (score, shots on goal etc.)

Bot that stores and act on past results

Hi,  Can I ask a question, I currently trade manually and do want to automate and bfexplorer is the most powerful program for this.  I use money management which keeps track of wins/losses and I act accordingly, for example suppose I want to remember the result on  a certain lane ...

Some Lay Strategy

My lay strategy involves waiting for 2 losses, before actually betting. Where is the option to do this? I want a losing run of 2 before I actually bet money, but can’t find a trigger or a betting option anywhere.