Scalpy - simple scalping bot by Psychoff

"Scalpy is a bot project which completely works individually. We dont correct or edit its orders. It simply makes scalping. It uses historical and actual data for the markets. It also learns from the market that how the odds change. The starting bank is €5000 and it uses stable stake of ...

Use market / order streaming

Hello,   I'm using the trial version of Bfexplorer and I can't seem to get the "Use market / order streaming" option checked.  Is this option related to the new Betfair API streaming function, where they just send data without requests?   Thank you.

Football Bot Trigger

Good evening, I have question regarding "Bot Trigger", i've manage to place a bet on score event (for instance place a bet after a goal is scored), my question is, how can i select a specific team, i want to place the bet after the goal on the team that scored, is this possible with ...

MyTools Football Score - ideas for alternative livedata sources?

Hello Stefan, Hello Bfexplorer-Community, i really like bfexplorer! I am a brand new Professional subscriber and have great plans with the brilliant software but unfortunately I am still very inexperienced. Question: The Football Score (MyTools) inside the Bfexplorer has an delay regarding the ...

Strategy Performance

Horse racing strategy perfomance.  

Community Subscription Plan

The community subscription plan is no more offered from today. For now I have no time to update web site, so please do not use donate button for community subscription plan.

Help needed creating a bot with Betfair SP

I would like to know if it is possible to set up a bot with rules, as following: Horse races at In Play If any horse had a Betfair SP  of "x" odds or above (or below) then place a bet (back or lay) at "y" stake" if not matched kill the unmatched bet after "zz.zz".   Any help will be ...

John's Manual - Testing Place my back/lay bets bot

To test this bot we open horse racing win market and select a horse we want to place back/lay bets on.  Clicking on "Add a new order/bot" toolbar button in the "Bots to Execute" view, the dialog appears and we can add our bot: "Place My Back/Lay Bets".  I left default bot setting so to ...

Horse Racing Database

Having data saved to database allows querying those data and so analyze them by features data are described by.  My horse racing database saves the following data: Eligibility, Going, Horse, Race, Racecourse, RaceType, Runner and RunnerData.  I created simple app to save above data ...

get Trigger \ bot

Hi , i get access to your bfexplorer.   is it possible to get this trigger\bot ?   From the rob strategy ? it looks very good.  Thank you in advance! cchers franz