Database API Betfair

I wonder if I can keep stored in a the odds of a specific market database for later analysis.

Australian Horses v Harness

Hi Stefan, Is there a way of seperating horse racing in Australia, the Thorougbreds from Harness racing? I would prefer it in EVENTS box. At the moment I am choosing the courses every day for the Thoroughbreds, so takes time to check the Betfair page. I don't bet on Harness, too random. Thank ...

Monitoring 64 Markets - Market/order Streaming

Here are two videos showing comparison between market monitoring using update betfair api update requests and market/order streaming technology. I opened for monitoring 64 markets, 40 today’s horse racing win markets and 24 Euro 2016 football match odds markets. I set the update period to 50 ...

Tennis live game betting

Hello, Can you help me understanding programing bots, can you say how do i need to create a bot for example if  i want to bet on tennis game on live on Player1 to win 1,2...13 games, and if i win any of game, i quite. Thank You

Case Study 31 - Can you trigger a bet after a goal?

From Bet Angel forum: As the title says, I'd like to trigger a bet in Guardian after a goal is scored in football.Can this be done reliably?I've searched on here but I can't find anything. I'm looking to open a trade following the goal.I've tried using suspend/unsuspend rules conditions but there ...

Dealing with swings - in play

From Bet Angel forum: The problemI'm sure it's the nature of trading that some wild swings come into play on a runner that's leading the field. A case in point was one that I had placed a back bet on last friday. It was sitting on odds of 3.75->3.5 for the 1st 30 seconds of the race (a 1 mile ...

Case Study 30 - Switch to next market

From Bet Angel forum: I see there are options to switch to "this market" and to switch to markets a set amount of time before the race is due to go off, but is there or could there be an option to switch to the next market 1 second after the current market goes in play?

Case Study 26 - Opening price range

From Bet Angel forum: I have a wee query regarding the opening price of the favourite. I was wondering if there was a way to determine that the opening price was ABOVE a certain level and dis-allow the rule to run if the threshold was exceeded. By way of explanation, see below: * Have a rule run ...

Case Study 25 - certain percentage of the market - trigger

From betfair forum: Bots Anyone know of a bot that i can instruct to place bets when a certain percentage of the market has been placed on dog .  Ie in certain races i am looking to bet dogs that are "over backed".  For example a 3/1 that has £3800 matched of a 10k market.It is not ...

Case Study - Betfair Market Streaming – Ladders

Bfexplorer is ready for betfair market/order streaming technology.