Horse Racing Odds Movement Prediction

Can we predict odds movement on betfair horse racing markets?


good evening Is ladder reversed possible? Only have one type of chart, betfair or candle mode to check the volume of money? I could put the ladder mode in betfair colors, light blue back and light pink lay? What is the meaning of the acronym lptv?   Gratefull

Trial activation

I don't have the Trial CODE for login into betfair.

My Indicator

Bfexplorer's ladder offers 10 columns presenting different type of information.  This columns allow you to customize your ladder, hiding or rearranging columns.   For instance you can hide To Back, To Lay columns and instead of them display just one column WoM. Well, yes ladders are here ...

Last Price Traded Persistance

Hi there,   I'm 100% new to this software having been using some other well known software previously.   I'm particularly interested in the LPTV data column and what this represents (and they way it shifts).   Can someone help explain this to me, but ALSO, the indicator I'm ...

SMS Alert & Market finder

Do you consider to make sms alerts for matched bets for expamle ?   I would like to bet on matches that meet the criteria: Event type: Soccer MATCH_ODDS  Total Matched  is  less than HALF_TIME or FIRST_HALF_GOALS_05 or FIRST_HALF_GOALS_15 or FIRST_HALF_GOALS_25 Total ...

API "advanced" settings

Hello,   is there a possibility to access the API "advanced" settings on bfexplorer and modify them? Maybe through a command on the bfexplorer console? The only thing I can see and change is the refresh rate in the settings area. What I mean with advanced API settings is  a) the max ...


Hello, everyone. I just registered yesterday, and today I was trying to log in, and couldn't. When I visited the subscription page, it said I had been banned. Has this happened to anyone? I thought the trial would last 10 days, about another week. Please let me know.

Loading ladder in spreadsheet

Hello, still relatively new so please go easy on me :)...could you please tell me, how I can load the ladder into the spreadsheet, so that it also refreshes there as you did here My New trading grid Is it possible to use this spreadsheet for manual trading too? I would like to customize it as ...

LPTV, Total Matched and WoM?

Hi,   I'm a new user and in my trial phase. When I use the ladder view I get no values for the columns LPTV, Total Matched and WoM on horse racing. Am I doing something wrong?   Best Carl