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Trial Commenced Today - but is asking for subscription code again?

hi there, 


I downloaded the trial today (username paulmcmn) and I recieved an automatically generated subscription code). 


After using the app for a couple of hours, i then proceeded to close the app and upon re-opening it's not asking me for a subscription key which i didnt retain. 


Can I please get some assistance so i can continue to trial the product for the next 7 days?




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  • Stefan
    3.2.2021 16:02:41

    Sir, did you notice that at time you had tried to login, betfair exchange was down due to maintance?

    Kindly be aware that we will be conducting maintenance on our website tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd February 2021 from 08:40 – 09:40 GMT. During this time, the Betfair Exchange will not be available.