Case Study 8 - Automation for Scalping Front Runners

From Bet Angel forum: Basically they give you a list of frontrunners every day, you place a back bet just before the off and then hopefully get a lay bet, for around 20 ticks lower during the first part of the race. I have successfully been successful (thanks Dallas) in setting up a rule that can ...

Betfair link does not work

Hi Stefan: First wish you Happy New Year!! Betfair link does not work. See screenshot

Australian Markets

Is possible to open australian markets with bf explorer if i m a romanian? anyoane knows?

Web Page Login Problem

If you are using web page login and bfexplorer crashes after opening Login dialog, uninstall Windows update for Flash (KB3132372) to solve this problem. I noticed this problem running bfexplorer on Windows 10, after the Windows update has been installed.

Australian Wallet/Markets

Hello guys, Is there any way to see in bfexplorer australian markets ( events using betfair australian wallet ) ? I was browsing upcoming events and couldnt find any markets from Austalia. Thanks.

No Sound

Maybe i've missed a trick....but when a market turns in play or suspended there is no sound or colour change on the screen to inform you of the change. Is it possible to get a noise to sound off when the market has gone inplay and suspended? Also where it says suspended to change to the colour ...

Case Study 7 - Bet when the odds comes back to 2

From Bet Angel forum: I have also a question. I need a formula for Excel. I want explain what I want do. I want do all inplay. For example the start odd is 2 then she must go to 10 or higher and the bot should enter a bet when the odd comes back to 2. I want not that the bot enter the bet by ...

Case Study 6 - Back every selection if It hits my in play odds

From Bet Angel forum: I want use a bot, horse racing UK and Ireland only.I want to Back every selection if It hits my in play odds of say, for talk sake 3.1When I try and do this it keeps backing them at the best available price which is what I do not want.Is there a way this can be done, and if so ...

Case Study 5 - Back bet on a nominated selection

From Bet Angel forum: I have a need to automate a back bet on a nominated selection provided it is favourite and less than $4 at 60 seconds before the jump. My question is: Is this either, an excel or a guardian solution, or even both. If it's both, in your humble opinion, which is easier to ...

How Does Place Bet Bot Work?

Question: Are you sure? I remember in older versions, I wanted tobet only before the race so I put: AllowPlacingBetInPlay: false (unchecked)AtInPlayKeepBet: false  (unchecked) Perhaps this behavior is only in horse racing, but I remember when horses were retired fromface, bets were cancelled ...