Football Live Stats

Hi Stefan: I'm going to: Tools/My Tools/Football Score. It would be possible to add other columns, with live stats? Possession, SOT, Corners .... Thanks in advance

Market Bots

Hi Stefan: I can not add "Market Bots" to my display. I'm going to "View" click on "Market Bots" but the link is not working.

Extension Ninja Trader

Hello, I would like to know how it connects to ninja trader THROUGH extension of BFexplorer.  thanks

And now what! Conclusions

Hi guys: This past week has been a week of debate. I think the trigger have been questions Ilya. Thanks Ilya. I would like to know what are the conclusions we draw each of this debate. My conclusions are: Stefan is always willing to help, but he wants us to we collaborate and we strive with ...

Bot Trigger - Market Selection Alert

Download “MarketSelectionAlert” script if you want to test it or build your own script from it.

How to cancel all unmatched orders on the market/selection by bot?

Hi! I need some help. Heh... It looks like an easy task but I can't figure out how to do that... I need to cancel all unmatched orders on the market/selection. Also, I've got another question. How to place orders at all selections in the market at once? For example, there are 25 selections(Horse ...

Place Bet/Execute Bot on All Selections

Some of your trading strategies would require to place bets or execute bots on all market selections. There are two options you can use depending on what you want to achieve: 1) To use the bot: Execute on Selections2) To use the custom bot trigger: ...

Base Bet Settings to Automate Trader’s Activity

In my video I created base settings for betfair bots you can use in your trading activity. I created and tested those settings, so my video is a bit longer. I even made some mistakes when setting up “Drip feed 10 Euro bets”. On the other hand you can see how to test bot settings in ...

Cancel Bets on All Markets

What you can watch in my video is how to use Bfexplorer Console to cancel all unmatched bets on all open markets. I placed back bets on 8 markets. In Open Markets view I showed how to group by selected column, such operation is available across all grid views in bfexplorer. To cancel all bets I ...

"Tick Off" is useless at its current state.

Here's how it should work: 1) For example, some market at some point looks like this: Best Back 2.50 // Best Lay 2.6 2) I want to  place a lay order at price 2.30 and $ 10 stake with "Tick Off" option. This means that the opposite order("Back" order in my case) should be placed ONLY when the ...