Keyboard Shortcuts

X – Cancel unmatched bets on the active selection.Ctrl X – Cancel unmatched bets on the market. C – Cancel unmatched back bets on the active selection.Ctrl C – Cancel unmatched back bets on the market. Z – Cancel unmatched lay bets on the active selection.Ctrl Z ...

What You Cannot Find In Any Other Betfair App But Bfexplorer

The latest version of bfexplorer brings two small additions in the code base but actually very nice two features you cannot find in other betfair applications.Football Score tool now offers Score Difference column, so all together you can sort, group, filter or search football matches by 5 columns: ...

Let Social Network to Choose My Trading Selections

This is my second experiment on free tipster services or social networks to use a meant for choosing my trading selections. In my previous article I showed how to use napchecker to load selections into Bot Executor for Selections. Now it is time to use olbg and browse all today’s races and ...


This video shows how to integrate the Napchecker NAP selections to betfair trading software by importing selections to Bot Executor for Selections and to Watched Selections view.

Project Inspiration 2

Step 1: Go to: the name of the linked courses at the top. This so we onlygrab data for races that has tipsters. Step 2:Software go to RacingPost.Com. And now it take out the 1stand 2nd favorite name and odds for all races if the odds isbetween 2/1 and 7/2 ...

Bot Trigger - Miro Strategy

Hi,sometimes I must kill bets which are too far from "trading edge". Placed by me or by bot.   What do you think, will be useful the parameter which kills bets in the distance bigger than 10 ticks from last traded odds?For my "healthy" liquidity certainly.   Feature is for: - running ...

Betfair Live Video + Statistics

Hi: Would it be feasible to create an extension in the application that links to live video and statistics Betfair?     Thanks in advance

Small failures

Hi: "Show or hide navigation and filter panel"  Almost never shows filter panel. My Tools. Football scores: There are several matches that are not updated  

Mouse over bubble text to quick to disapear!!

Hi Stefan,   I am sure even for native English speaker it is hard.   Thanks

How to place a bet immediately?

Hi Stefan, I want to do something very basic. I want to place a bet with the bot "place bet". I do not know why the bot does not place the bet when I select "My bot" then "Start". I just receive this message " the bot ....has been started" and no bet are placed. I found a way to reach my target: ...