Hello, my last subscription ended in september 9, after that date i dind't activate a new subscription code but the money was debit from my paypal account, why? And can i get the money back? Thank you.

My Dutch Martingale Strategy Test

In my previous post we tested martingale laying strategy, now we test martingale back ditching strategy. What is a difference? Well of course the maximal liability in losing streak.

Football Underdog Strategy

From Bet Angel forum: Looking for some help with automation I’m effectively trying to say that when a price in Football Handicap Market (Market 1) shortens by 'x' ticks then to set a signal and this signal then triggers a bet in the Match Odds Market (Market 2).  How do I link the ...

Automation - Can I Place a Betfair SP Bet?

From Bet Angel forum: I can't see how to do this through BA. I'm talking of placing an actual intended SP bet not 'taking SP' on an unmatched bet. I can set high odds and set 'take SP' but I then have no control over the odds achieved as I have when setting an intended SP bet on the Betfair ...

Football Bot - Trigger Time in Second Half

From Bet Angel forum: I would like to make a simple automation on football matches.  I would like to activate auto bets in the second half due to specific odds at at a specific game time.  In these covid19 times it is quite difficult to calculate second half time running from start of the ...

My Results to Spreadsheet

To report strategy results to spreadsheet we can use Bfexplorer Console tool allowing executing script and so allowing reading any data available in bfexplorer app. Here is the script I showed in my short video tutorial: ShowMyMartingaleStrategyResults.fsx What is very important when executing ...

Football Automation Alert when 2-0

From Bet Angel forum: Could you check if this bot will work? I know it’s not perfect but will it show me when its 2-0 or 0-2?  Or did I totally mess it up and should have used "signals" instead? I am asking because I don’t know if it works by using stored values as ...

Execute Till Target Profit

When editing the Execute Till Target Profit bot, under the Profit/Loss header, what is the definition for ResetStakingPlan and MartinggaleStakeFactor? and what do the numbers represent when entering them in? Thanks

New Subscriber

Hello, I've been looking into automating my betfair betting and came accross this page on a betfair forum. I dont have any experience with writing code, but I know what criteria the bot needs. Does the subscricption offer a service around me explaining what is needed for the bot and then it is done ...

OfferedAmountToLay vs BestOfferedAmountToLay

What is the difference between OfferedAmountToLay and BestOfferedAmountToLay ? Does it refer to odds or stakes ?