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Question about strategy


I would like to implement strategy like this:


1) 10 minutes before horse racing match every horse total matched money value is saved

2) 10 seconds before match start check which value increased the most (compare current matched money with saved value)

3) bet on that horse


Could you provide any similar tutorial or give any tips how to start? thanks in advance, any help will be useful

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  • Stefan
    10.7.2021 14:53:00

    It is possible to write simple bot trigger script, as an example look at here:

    Lay the favourite <50% market

    It shows how to use traded volume. I will make your trigger later today.

  • Stefan
    10.7.2021 17:05:16

    Your VolumeDifferenceBotTrigger trigger bot script.


  • adska
    11.7.2021 19:18:33

    is there any guide how to run trgger bot script in BFExplorer? I did not find any manual or video hot to do it

  • adska
    11.7.2021 20:02:18

    I want debug project like in your video

    1) I set that it run external BFExplorer program


    2) I run debugger but breakpoints are not found, i can not debug and load my bots, what i am doing wrong?



  • Stefan
    12.7.2021 8:46:32

    1) You must run Visual Studio as Administrator

    2) Debug your project starting external program:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer\Bfexplorer.exe

    3) And of course the project must be built to:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer\

    So you must set Build/Output path

  • Stefan
    12.7.2021 17:12:53

    Trigger bot script is executed by bot named: "Execute Trigger Bot" and there is quite a lot of post about this bot on the bfexplorer forum.

    You cannot debug bot trigger script when the script is in .fsx file, because such script is built by bfexplorer so you have no access to the assembly.

    The bot trigger script can build in project assembly, just rename the bot script to .fs and add it to your bot assembly project. You must remove #r and #I directives, and because of IBotTrigger initialization by bfexplorer such bot script must be the only IBotTrigger object in your assembly.

    Again there are some posts on the bfexplorer forum showing how I debug bot trigger scripts without adding it to separate assembly, just search for IBotTrigger. Well yes, it was not true debugging in Visual studio, but I was able to use Visual Code as IDE for writing bot trigger code, and with all support of Intellisense and error checking when writing the bot trigger code in Visual Code.

  • adska
    12.7.2021 17:16:42

    Thanks, works perfect!