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Football Live Scores Down

Football Live Scores keep 0-0 results and 0' match time during the whole matches- It is impossible for my bots to work like this.

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Comments ( 4 )

  • M0ss@d
    15.7.2021 3:06:28

    All my bots also stopped working because of football live scores data feed. What is happening ???

  • Stefan
    15.7.2021 11:40:41

    I have checked football live score and football bot, and on all currently live matches there is score feed available.

  • M0ss@d
    15.7.2021 13:32:39

    Finally ! There was no football live scores data feed during all night. thank you.

  • Tony
    15.7.2021 20:32:01

    Yes, it was down only last night. It's working fine again. Thanks