Case Study 25 - certain percentage of the market - trigger

From betfair forum: Bots Anyone know of a bot that i can instruct to place bets when a certain percentage of the market has been placed on dog .  Ie in certain races i am looking to bet dogs that are "over backed".  For example a 3/1 that has £3800 matched of a 10k market.It is not ...

Case Study - Betfair Market Streaming – Ladders

Bfexplorer is ready for betfair market/order streaming technology.

Case Study - Betfair Market Streaming

If you set MarketDataFilterData.fields to EX_MARKET_DEF then betfair exchange market streaming service will return only market definition changes. In my video I show how Bfexplorer BOT SDK is used in simple application for gathering different kind of race data, including betfair horse prices 5 ...

Football Odds Criteria to Bet on Another Market

Hi, Loving the bfexplorer program, so have started to become more adventurous! I want to do the following: Check Match Odds for HOME team to be equal/under 1.50, and if positive, bet on Correct_Scores for 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0, if negative then no bet. I was looking at the bots a) "IF/THEN", "Execute ...

Betfair Exchange Market Streaming Problems

In April 2016 betfair released Exchange Market Streaming service. During this weekend I found some spare time to implement this service to my betfair bot sdk, and as it is common with betfair I found a quite a lot of problems. It really seems that betfair did not test what is released, as they ...

Bets activating before the off

Lets say I am wanting the same Bet Bot to be executed on every UK Win Horse race. How do I select the races I want to bet on in the morning and then the software only start backing or laying for eg 2 mins before the off on each individual race?   Any assistance greatfully apreciated

Activation of Subscription

I hope someone can assist me - I have recently paid for my subscription, I donated via paypal however I have not received any details in regards to the subscription code or any confirmation from this web site at all - just the confirmation from paypal.     Any assistance will be ...

Tennis - close selection bet if score... - an additional condition

Hi, In the "Tennis BOT", we can set the condition, when should buy a bet.For the program you need to add an additional condition: "close selection bet if score...".I will explain this with an example:1. Tennis In-Play2. BOT buys bet if a tennis match is the result:      ...

Tennis - Excel monitors all matches

Hi, How to do it - Excel spreadsheet (InPlay) should monitor all the matches from the list: Thank you in advance for your help. * Edited by Stefan, 13.4.2016 Download “TennisDataToSpreadsheet” bot trigger, if you want to test it.

Portrait Layout

I use different workspace layout when trading different sport events on betfair. The portrait layout needs to turn your display, but then you can get quite big range of prices on one ladder, so a trading indicator bot can display prices for other selections as well.