Analyzing betfair data to trigger trading on horse racing markets.

My two videos shows how to use integrated Web Browser to load data from external web site. Use placeholder "%s" in your urls to navigate to currently open market.  

DevExp - syntax 1 line

Hello Stefan & All I do not have the old or the new SDk's, I have not needed them in my mind. I would like to ammend the latter part   ConditionalFormattingIconSetValue[] { minPoint, midPoint, maxPoint } ) of the MY (ie. incorrect ) syntax as below let cfRule = ...

MySpreadSheetDemo- syntax error in 1 line

Hi again Can't thank Stefan enough for his help thus far. Here looking to set icon values via trafficlights setup in DevExpress spreadsheet. Intellisense gives format but again at a loss. I have searched high and wide to find solution .... F# and DevExpress no support given. The latter part is ...

MyFSharpBot - syntax error in 1 line

Hi Originally had 28 plus errors and now have wittled down to one. Refer below. As I have said before, I am typing away and trying to get a handle of the syntax. Intellisense helps ..... but haven't got the experience to utilise it yet. As always any help would be appreciated. Thanks ...

Bfexplorer console code - help

Hello All againI wish to thank Stefan again for his help via the video with the BetfairApiConsoleFSharp code - help post.What a relief!.I was able to get it up and running relatively quickly and pain free.I am still puzzled why i can't seem to get the 1 line FSharp Script going in the BF ...

BetfairApiConsoleFSharp code - help

Hello all I have copied across some code generously put up by Stefan. For those of you that might not know, Stefan has kindly pointed out that since the Aus end point no longer exists  no reference to GBR inside the brackets in line 8 is now required, it is left with closed brackets. let ...

Cost for further robots

hello stefan i am interested in purchasing the timeform data , update of horserace database , racing post data, recording of market data robots would appreciate giving me a ball park figure for these. on the face of it, these are all in the youtube videos you have posted. understand you are ...

Horse Racing Odds Movement Prediction

Can we predict odds movement on betfair horse racing markets?


good evening Is ladder reversed possible? Only have one type of chart, betfair or candle mode to check the volume of money? I could put the ladder mode in betfair colors, light blue back and light pink lay? What is the meaning of the acronym lptv?   Gratefull

Trial activation

I don't have the Trial CODE for login into betfair.