Multiple Trigger Usage

Could someone please explain how I can do the following: I want to execute a bot when 2 conditions (triggers) are true Trigger 1: race distance is between 1000 and 1350 meters Trigger 2: any horse in the race has odds between 1.5 and 2. Thanks

Интеграция со всем

А какие в программе есть опции интеграции со сторонними программами. Про Excel понятно, но это не очень удобно. Как минимум, нужен сам Excel.Мне нужно: а: передавать в триггеры значения запросов к внешним API, например статистику матча или коэффициенты других буков.б: передавать из триггера данные ...

Football Live Scores Stopped Working Again

Football Live Scores stopped working again tonight on all versions of this software :(

Soccer / Football Match Statistics into Excel

I like to talk to someone about creating some code to Import live soccer stats into excel (score, shots on goal etc.)

Bot that stores and act on past results

Hi,  Can I ask a question, I currently trade manually and do want to automate and bfexplorer is the most powerful program for this.  I use money management which keeps track of wins/losses and I act accordingly, for example suppose I want to remember the result on  a certain lane ...

Some Lay Strategy

My lay strategy involves waiting for 2 losses, before actually betting. Where is the option to do this? I want a losing run of 2 before I actually bet money, but can’t find a trigger or a betting option anywhere.

Tracking odds on backed/layed horse

My trial has ended and I never managed to get my idea to work (I'm not a programmer), but I am wondering if it is possible for the bot.  If I back/lay a few horses in the same race at a range for example between 5 to 1 and 10 to 1, is it possible for the bot to keep track of only the odds of ...

Football Match Odds on Market Orders/Bots section

Hello Football Match Odds market Bots don't appear on the Market Orders/Bots section. All other footvall markets bots do appear on this section. Only football Match Odds markets don't appear on this section. This is very bad because it's impossible to check which football Match Odds market bots are ...

Break out trading range tennis bot

I want incorporate / create a trading bot for when a certain player is trading out of an estimated range. So basically player starting match odds for player between X0 - X1 when trading at X2 -> Lay / Back at X2 or close to (as there is a 5 sec delay when placing bet on tennis) and green with ...

Update Account Funds

Is there a way to update account funds after placing a bet and if so how to do it?  For example - like on betfair exchange the account fund available amount changes after  bet is made depending on whether a lay or place.