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Bfexplorer Console – Horses Data

Bfexplorer Console allows executing scripts, so short programs which are able to interact with bfexplorer data and of course do anything else what the script is programmed for.

Let’s say we bet on horse racing and we want to show the list of all horses racing today including jockey and trainer data. We can program something like this script code:


What this simple script code does can be described from code lines from 67 to 77. The scrip uses Bfexplorer Spreadsheet to report/write the data to, so if you do not open Bfexplorer Spreadsheet the script reports the error message: Open bfexplorer spreadsheet application!

If you opened Bfexplorer Spreadsheet, by clicking on the menu Tools / Spreadsheet, then the script code first loads all horses’ data by executing the function getAllHorsesData (line 73) and the reports data to spreadsheet executing the method reportToSpreadsheet (line 77).

To test this script code, download it from my github page:


Do what I show in my short video, click on download button, and then open zip file and extract/save the file ShowHorseRacingDataInSpreadsheet.fsx to you local folder. On my computer I created My Bfexplorer Scripts in Documents folder.

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