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Data Context Browser

The latest version of bfexplorer offers a new tool called Data Context Browser. As the name could suggest the tool is able to browse data, but what kind of data?

This morning we tested new horse racing strategy where we used a set of 4 rules:

ForecastPrice <= 20.0 and RatingStars <= 3 and not HorseInForm and not JockeyWonOnHorse

This is quite naïve approach I used just to show how to use Bfexplorer Console tool to execute data retrieval and processing for generating dedicated selections. We have a lot of different data, and as not all were used we need a way how to compare performance and mainly when we are losing on our selections we need to analyze why we lost, or better to say way other selections won.

In my article: Execute My Horse Racing Strategy, in the script code we can see the line 70, this code sets to market data all other data we can use with this strategy, and using Data Context Browser tool we can browse such data for later analyzing.

All data we have got for nay horse are:

RatingStars, HorseWinnerLastTimeOut,HorseInForm, HorseBeatenFavouriteLTO, SuitedByGoing,       SuitedByCourse, SuitedByDistance, TrainerInForm, TrainerCourseRecord, JockeyInForm, and JockeyWonOnHorse

In my short video I have browsed data for the first race my system generated selections. The winner horse is: JUST CALL ME AL, and in data this horse has set the following attributes: RatingStars = 4, HorseInForm, SuitedByGoing, and JockeyWonOnHorse

Maybe, this can be used just an idea for different kind of strategy.

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