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Execute My Horse Racing Strategy

In my previous post I showed how to load horse’s data:

Bfexplorer Console – Horses Data

I opened the script in Bfexplorer Console and clicking on Execute toolbar button the script loaded data and showed them in the spreadsheet application.

Let’s say we want to use this data to execute simple horse racing strategy by betting on dedicated horses using this rule, include all horses with ForecastPrice <= 20.0 and RatingStars <= 3 and not HorseInForm and not JockeyWonOnHorse

Here is the script ExecuteMyHorseRacingStrategy.fsx

The script first loads all horse racing markets from betfair (line 52), then loads all horses data (line 57), and selects our dedicated selections (line 65).

 If there are any dedicated selections, so horses fulfilling our rule (have a look at function isMyselection on lines from 33 to 36) then the script executes "Lay trade 3 ticks" strategy using the tool: Strategy / Bot Executor for Selections.

You can test this strategy in the practice mode, but as the script uses Event Browser to load today’s horse racing markets you must add “Horse Racing” to the list of your favourite bet events, and of course setup the bot strategy and named it: “Lay trade 3 ticks”.

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