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Football LiveScores Feed Down Again

Football LiveScores Feed is Down Again.

Please let me know what is wrong and when to expect it to be working again.

Thank you

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Comments ( 21 )

  • Tony
    6.10.2021 0:24:13

    Please Check:

  • Tony
    6.10.2021 2:05:32

  • Stefan
    6.10.2021 10:33:07

    Sir, bfexplorer app uses undocumented betfair api to retrieve football scores. If you have got any problems with that feed then the problem is on your side or on betfair one. Betfair uses cloudflare to block misuse of their data. I hope it is not your case.

    Anytime you report problems I check it on my computer and all works fine for me.

  • Tony
    6.10.2021 13:21:33

    So please check now, because it's still not working for me and for everyone else, so it's not "my problem". 

  • M0ss@d
    6.10.2021 13:25:32

    Not working also for me since yesterday. This Livescore is terrible and those arguments are ridiculous. :(

  • Graf
    6.10.2021 13:47:53

    All japanese and thai matches that started at 11h and 12h with 0' and 0-0 score ? Sorry, but this is not Betfair problem.

  • Stefan
    6.10.2021 18:56:21

    I have attached video from my test. You can both see that Football Live Score tool works fine for all matches betfair showing live scores as well. Not for all matches betfair web page shows live score, you can see that as well in my video.

    So what I said is true, if betfair web page shows live score my tool shows that score as well, for matches not covered by betfair my tool does not show score, as tool uses the same source of the live score feed.

    Mossad, I would expect apologies from you for what you said: “Not working also for me since yesterday. This Livescore is terrible and those arguments are ridiculous.”

  • M0ss@d
    6.10.2021 19:37:52

    Betfair has 36 inplay matches at this very momment...and there are only 2 (!!!) livescores working ! 

  • M0ss@d
    6.10.2021 19:43:36

    I never said what you stated is not true. What I say is that having only 2 livescores for 36 inplay matches is terrible.

  • Graf
    6.10.2021 19:52:41

    My bots can't work like this