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Horse Racing – In Play Betfair SP Favourite Strategy

From Bet Angel forum: Automation - Horse racing - In-running - Lay the First to Trade at 2.0 Guardian Automation Bot

All I want is the bot place lay bet on the markets where betfair starting price on favourite is lower than 2?

I made signal but it does nothing? Without my added signal (favourite <2) it works.


Bot first check if there is a clear favourite with odds under 2 (signal don't work).

Then check all horses with starting price above 7 (signal works properly).

When the horse odds from 7 (SP) or higher drops below 3 (signal works properly) then lay bet will be placed if the odds will increase again.

Bfexplorer Solution:

So summarizing the bot trigger specification, the bot trigger must wait till a race is started, then read betfair SP prices and check whether the favourite horse SP is equal or lower than allowed price/odds (defined by parameter: FavouriteSpPrice) .

If FavouriteSpPrice condition is met, the bot trigger monitors/watches all horse with SP >= MyHorsesSpPrice.

When any of watched horses is traded <= TriggerPrice, and then later the horse price rises by defined number of ticks (the parameter: TriggerOddsDifference), set action bot is executed on this horse. In my cases the cation bot started lay/back trading for 3 tick’s profit.


When testing this horse racing strategy, I change default parameters for FavouriteSpPrice to 3.5 and MyHorsesSpPrice to 4.0.



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