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Football – Search My Markets – Odds Filter

From Cymatic forum: Odds Filter

In the search Events window I would like to have a filter on odds.

For example to return games where home team has odds max 1.5 on match odds and where over 2.5 goals is greater than 2.1.

Would that be possible?

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer Console tool allows executing a script file, so the script file can be programmed to execute exactly what you require:

Browse football match events, in my case I used the following bet event settings I use, named: Football – Top Leagues

Event type: Soccer

Market type: MATCH_ODDS

With text: "English Premier League" OR "Ligue 1" OR "Bundesliga 1" OR "La Liga" OR "Serie A"

Country/s: GB;FR;ES;IT;DE

So this Bet Event setting when added to Event Browser view allows me to load football market I am used to trade on.

In my short video you can see that I added to My Favourite Events other settings as well. To learn more about Event Browser tool, watch the video: Adding my favourite event

In my test I change odds values for match and under/over markets as for required odds no such markets are available today.

In the script code there are two functions: isMyFootballMatchOddsMarket and isMyFootballOverUnderMarket, so if you want to use different odds for market filtering change values on line: 22 and 29, my settings uses 1.8 and 1.5

You can download the script code from my github gist:


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