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Bot Trigger - Is it possible to see all prices in a trigger?

From MarketFeeder forum: Is it now possible to see all prices in a trigger.

Just wondered if it is now possible to use all prices in a trigger without having to have the ladder open?

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I just wondered if the following is possible as I cannot seem to see an obvious condition in the automation rules for this.

What I want to do is to place a position into the market at a server context price but only trigger the bet when the amount of liquidity at that price point drops below a certain amount (the premise being to get a good queue position).

So for example:

Place a LAY bet at 4.5 but only triggers once the unmatched amount of money is < £100 or (x amount)

Is this possible any advice on how to achieve this would be really appreciated.


Bfexplorer Solution:

When it is needed bot trigger is able to load betfair api data. I have prepared simple bot trigger code showing how you can do it. Have a look at updateSelectionData method, and code in the line: 30.


When you execute the bot, it will load full market data and for required price (by parameter CheckPrice) will show offered amount. The bot also checks maximal offered price to back above 1.10. In my short video you can see that someone runs a strategy to laying the field at 1.83 offering the same amount of 6128.97 Euro on all selections, this bet is offered with cancel at in-play, as after a race is turned at in-play most favourite price to offer lay bet is 2.00, and of course 1.01.

This kind of data could show potential horses for DOB strategy, so you are welcome to do so by changing my bot trigger code.

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