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Football Unreal Score Strategy Bot Trigger

From Bet Angel forum: Bet Angel – Automation - betfair accepting bets on correct score 0-0 even though already 1-0

I have done a bot for correct score after 10 mins it looks at the price range: if between 4 to 10 to 1, it places a bet after checking a few bet placements and watching the market

 Something is going on with betfair, there is a goal scored say 1-0 so obviously 0-0 0-1 0-2 0-3 should now be suspended but thats not the case after 10 mins suddenly bets are there for 4-1 and even 10-1 on 0-0 so my bot sees 10-1 and places the bet even though the lay side of the bet is blank how can this happen surely betfair should suspend that correct score when it cannot be achieved any ideas on this surely this shouldn’t be happening.


Bfexplorer Solution: bfexplorer offers “Football bot” so any strategy can be built involving match score and/or time.

Well, there are quite a lot of betfair apps, like Bet Angel, Gruss Software Betting AppAdvanced Cymatic Trader, all these apps offer automation through Excel spreadsheet and of course none of them offers football live score.

Therefore any user wanting to automate his trading strategy on football markets is forced to judge the match score from odds offered on Correct Score, and/or Under/Over markets.

This can be used by deploying bot anti-strategy, to offer lay bets on unreal match scores. Actually, I think this approach is used by many users, suggesting to naïve fellow traders all kinds of strategies, just have a look at Automation – Shared files on Bet Angel forum.

Dallas (on Bet Angel forum) suggests to facefish1: “It depends on the approx odds the score your trading is likely to be, in most cases using something like 30-50 will do…”

Well, of course that will not do, as to execute football trading strategy that depends on match score, your bot really needs to know match score.

Have a look at on my short video that shows execution of such anti-strategy. The bot checks the match score and when score changes, it evaluates which scores are unreal, and on these scores the bot trigger execute “Be the First in Queue” bot, to offer lay bets.

Here is the bot trigger code:


You can use this bot trigger code, and change it to execute different football strategies, for instance after goal is scored, your bot can evaluate which scores on valid, and depending on the match time to execute dutch strategy and so on. Have a look at on lines 85 – 95, and function getUnrealScoreSelections() to see how I evaluate which scores are not valid, doing the opposite you can evaluate which scores are still valid.

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