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Betfair Charts Project

This weekend I had been working on bfexplorer tool I had named: Betfair Charts

When exacted it allows to show chart data on web page, that can be open in external web browser on in built in Bfexplorer Web Browser view.


The above url when added to Bfexplorer Web Browser will show chart for active selection, and whenever you change selection the chart is reloaded.

How does it work?

Well, simply Betfair Charts tool implements web server with simple api:


The url returns data for active market, open in Bfexplorer Bet Event view, so then we can query time series data for each market selection:


In my tool I created web page showing chart for OHLCV data using Stock Chart with GUI

For this chart type, I added another api method:


Why do I mention that?

Well because anyone knowing how to consume api data, and knowing how to program in any programming language is welcome to use this tool and create own data visualization dashboard.

Those of you willing to share the code of such dashboard apps could get bfexplorer subscription for free.

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