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GENTLE loss recovery trigger needed

From MarketFeeder forum:

I have tried a multiple variety of demo triggers in the library to try and tweak them to my own needs, but so far none has achieved what I seek.

I have and 5% price advantage over 3000 bets overall on my test, and want to compound the advantage with a very gentle loss recovery.

The Fibonacci has worked well but we can get to massive stakes which the greyhound liquidity market cannot fill.

Is it possible to start with 3 x £1 stakes and if they all lose switch to 3x £2 bets and if they lose switch to 3 x £9 bets if they all lose switch to 3 x £36 bets at which time the cycle recommences

Once a winner is found the sequence starts again with £1. The trigger should only place a new bet once the previous bet has been settled.

If you can get a trigger to do this I would be very grateful :)


Bfexplorer Solution:

Here is bot trigger executing described strategy, well not counting losing streaks, that is example for you to implement, it is just one line of code to add:


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