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Not Laying Named Favourite

From BetAngel forum:

Is there a way to Lay the Favourite, but have an instruction to NOT Lay it if it is a specified named runner?

For the avoidance of doubt, no other runner would be Layed.

Bfexplorer Solution:

When bot trigger is executed, it is executed on a market selection, so in this case we will execute our action bot only when nominated/selected selection is not favourite at the moment of the bot trigger execution:


In my short video, I tested my bot trigger, executing it on current favourite and on the second favourite. The action bot: “Lay 10 Euro” was executed on current favourite only when the bot trigger was executed on the second favourite.

How to execute this strategy fully automatically, 10 seconds before race start, and only for selected nominated selections?

Bfexplorer offers the tool: Strategy Bot Executor for Selections. This tool executes strategy bots only on selected selections.

To choose such selections we need to open markets and add our selections by clicking on the context menu item: “Add Market Selection to Strategy / Bot Executor”.

In “Strategy Bot Executor for Selections” view we can apply strategy bot, and the just clicking on Start button, our strategy is executed.

After the strategy is executed, we do not need open markets anyone so we can close them in the “Open Markets” view.

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