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Market Start Time

For one of my bots that I'm working on, I need it to stop a few seconds before the scheduled start time.  I was looking to use the code from Stefan's HorseRacingXMinutesLoadAutomation but it now doesn't work.  I tried MarketInfo.StartTime with async but I always get MarketInfo.StartTime is not Static error -I know it isn't a static, but I am trying something like this: if MarketInfo.StartTime > Mytime then........ but still has the error.  I'd like it to run Async.RunSynchronously.  Could you please help me with a usable solution?

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  • Stefan
    27.10.2019 11:48:45

    this. is used to access object properties or methods.

    You type your code as you would access static method or type. You must type object, so in this case maybe: market.MarketInfo.StartTime