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Signals to tell a horse race is about to go off

From Betangel forum:

I'm running a Guardian automation that relays on being close to the off time of a horse race. Using start time for a horse race becomes less accurate during the day as things get delayed.

What system/tells/market signals does anyone use to predict when close to off rather than simple start time?

Bfexplorer Solution:

In Community Bots you can find the bot: “Race Status”. This bot uses betfair api to retrieve following signals:

        | DELAYED -> "The start of the race has been delayed."

        | PARADING -> "The horses are in the parade ring."

        | GOINGDOWN -> "The horses are going down to the starting post."

        | GOINGBEHIND -> "The horses are going behind the stalls."

        | APPROACHING -> "The greyhounds are approaching the traps."

        | GOINGINTRAPS -> "The greyhounds are being put in the traps."

        | HARERUNNING -> "The hard has been started."

        | ATTHEPOST -> "The horses are at the post."

        | OFF -> "The race has started."

        | FINISHED -> "The race has finished."

        | FINALRESULT -> "The result has been declared."

        | FALSESTART -> "There has been a false start."

        | PHOTOGRAPH -> "The result of the race is subject to a photo finish."

        | RESULT -> "The result of the race has been announced."

        | WEIGHEDIN -> "The jockeys have weighed in."

        | RACEVOID -> "The race has been declared void."

        | NORACE -> "The race has been declared a no race."

        | RERUN -> "The race will be rerun."

        | ABANDONED -> "The meeting has been cancelled."

Betfair offers this api for horse racing and greyhound racing. When executing this bot, the bot speaks the above text, so it could help you when trading without live stream.

When running this bot on the race: Warw  12th Dec - 15:25 2m5f Hcap Hrd (time is in CET).

  1. 12. 2019 15:21:24: The horses are going down to the starting post.
  2. 12. 2019 15:23:18: The horses are at the post.
  3. 12. 2019 15:27:00: The race has started.

So the race started 2 minutes after the official race start time: 15:25

If you are bfexplorer subscriber and what to implement these signals to your trigger bot then contact me through support web page.

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