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Automation - Choosing a horse by its last position

From Betangel forum:

Not sure if this has been answered or not, can't find anything on the search function. Maybe I'm using wrong search parameters.

Anyway how do you set up a bot to choose the horse which was say 8th placed on its last race? Or even multiple horses chosen by last placing on their last races.

Bfexplorer Solution:

Betfair api offers metadata for each runner in horse racing markets: Runner Metadata Description.

Bot Trigger can access any data betfair offers, so we can write simple bot trigger that evaluates these metadata and filter only selections that fulfill the last race position of horse:


In my test I set my action bot to lay trade 2 ticks profit. You can set whatever action bot you want to execute.

More advanced bot trigger can use timeform data, as I shown in my test video reporting race data to spreadsheet.

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