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Automatic market uploading to Guardian for new markets only

From Betangel forum:

I think you are asking for basically the same as me. Automatically load new markets into Guardian and add the appropriate rules as soon as the market becomes available of Betfair. If not I'm sure it's close. I would suggest you add a comment to my original post in the Suggestions section where the BA guys and forum members are perhaps more likely to spot it and maybe comment.

Bfexplorer Solution:

In my previous post I presented how to load markets automatically at set time, the parameter “Restart the automation at time” when using Strategy Bot Executor tool.

In this case we want to execute our strategy on new markets only, as soon as betfair publishes new markets.

Bfexplorer offers tool named “Market Auto Open”, it is not distributed with current version of bfexplorer, but if you are bfexplorer subscriber you can ask for this tool.

So how this tool works?

It uses streaming api to subscriber for markets, using filters we set for My Favourite Events, and of course strategy created with My Strategies / Bots to Execute.  Streaming api works like a contract in this case, so whenever new market/s is added by betfair, it is loaded by bfexplorer.

In my short video we can see that this procedure is very quick, well it must be because we want to place our bets as quick as possible.

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