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Case Study 9 - Close with 10% Profit of Stake?

From Bet Angel forum:

Having tried to make an automation to shut a bet if profit is 10% of the stake, this is not successful for me. Can anyone help with this? How do I create automation with these characteristics? Close bet if profit is 10% of stake.

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplolrer offers three different bots which allow closing a bet position on a selection or on entire market:

* Close selection bet position

* Place bet and close selection bet position

* Close market bet position

All those bots offers Profit and Loss parameter and ProfitLossType parameter defining how the target profit or loss values are calculated, so by: money, ticks or percentage.

When using the bot: “Close market bet position” as the "ticks" option does not make sense in this case the bot uses the ProfitOrLossInPercentage parameter only. As this bot is used to close market bet position, and on markets selections you can run many different bots, depending on your strategy, the bot stops all other bots running on the market before a close position is triggered on the market.

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