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Australian Markets

Is possible to open australian markets with bf explorer if i m a romanian? anyoane knows?

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  • Betfair Bot
    6.1.2016 18:26:59

    Yes, you can do so, please read the following article:

    Australian Wallet/Markets

  • tyrion
    6.1.2016 18:36:27

     I must say that i can t open any australian markets through betfair site with my account, because betfair australia is banned in romania. Betfair international is licensed, but betfair australia not, so its a missundersting.

  • Betfair Bot
    6.1.2016 18:48:42

    I see, but then your question was misleading as well, I did not know that Romania’s jurisdiction prohibits to bet on Australian betfair markets.

    For those betfairians without any restrictions, wanting to bet or trade on Australian markets, use “Connect to Australian Exchange” option in your login dialog, instead of to UK Exchange.

  • tyrion
    7.1.2016 14:38:31

    Stefan, i have a question! Bf explorer use betfair new api connected with the new site or is possible to connect through the old site somehow? Because new site operate australian markets through betfair australia who is blocked in some countries (  like romania) and legal customer can t access australian markets because of this tachnical issues.

    It is a solution for this?

  • tyrion
    7.1.2016 14:40:02

    foe example i can acces australian markets through old site link but i cant access markets through new site.

  • Betfair Bot
    7.1.2016 15:26:46

    Tyrion, unfortunately that is not an option for you. You can access through betfair api only those markets which are legally accessible depending on jurisdiction valid for your betfair account credential.

    As an example of some restriction, just read this article: Betfair link does not work

    Can you open the link, the Spanish user have problems to open?

  • tyrion
    7.1.2016 15:35:24

    Yes, but it is nothing illegal here, just some technical issues because betfair new site and new api operate australian markets through betfair australia. Old site it s ok for australian market because operate australian markets through betfair international, so is very legal.

    This should be fix if you load australian markets through old api somehow.

  • tyrion
    7.1.2016 15:40:23

     Yes, i can open that link. My only problems are just with australian markets.

  • Betfair Bot
    7.1.2016 15:50:24

    There is only the new betfair API you can use, the old one had been retired.

    Of course, till old web site allows you “legally” open and bet on some markets, then there is still possibility you could utilize such services and program yourself what you need, but you can spend on that significant amount of time just founding out that a day after you would done all necessary, betfair would cease old services/web sites.

    You need an identity allowing you to bet or trade on betfair with no restriction.