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Case Study 13 - Loading up markets each day automatically

From Bet Angel forum:

I currently load up UK and Irish racing every day and before that delete any suspended markets I have on my guardian screen.

I then apply my rule to the loaded races and back to it the following day and do the process again

Does anyone have a piece of code/software to do this for me?

It’s not a case of being lazy, I have a configuration to bet on Australian horse racing, but the markets aren't available on betfair at the time I go to work. Therefore I need the markets to load once midnight rolls around in the UK.

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer offers automation using Bfexplorer Console tool. In my short video I show how I load “Football - Over/Under 2.5 Goals” markets and execute on them automatically my strategy: "Trade 1 tick on Under 2.5 goals".

If you want to automate your Bot Executor just let me know, and I will prepare similar script for your needs.

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