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Case Study 12 - Lay bet on all football on a fixed correct score

From Cymatic forum:

Anyone know how i can automatically place a lay bet on all football in play games on a fixed correct score and keep the bet in play?

From Geekstoy forum:

I can make money without this functionality But in some cases (I will not describe here) making IP-KEEP during in-play would increase my gains a lot more.

OK... I will give one example I saw people doing (I will not use it for this ... if you think about you will see many applications of this functionality)..

Here it goes the example: it is 0-0 you put 2€ at 1000 on 0-0. there is a goal the market suspend - you confirm the goal is valid , you cancel the bet @ 1000 - (normal operation).

If the goal is not valid for some reason and the market is clean , re-open your bet is there at 1000 (because is IP-KEEP). then the lay bot (for impossible results) thinks the goal is valid and match your bet @ 1000. There it goes, you make 300,400 or 700€ just in a unvalid goal because you have this functionality.

I will not use it for this ... IP-KEEP during in-play has many other applications ...

Another for example in match odds market:

On minute 60' there is a 3rd goal 3-0 for the favorites the odds goes from 1.08(+/-) to 1.01. you try to put 10000€ back at 1.01. it 1.01 almost 100% secure, but even so you will not want to match your money until the draw goes above 100.... Because there is lots of money going there fast after the goal you stay behind on the queue. That is ok you dont want your money to math at 1.01 on 3-0 , because it is not 100% secure yet. If there is 3-1 you can lose 5-8%.

So if there is 3-1 you cancel. but if there is 4-0 1.01 has great value. If my bet there was ip-keep I would stay there and jump ahead all the canceled bets on the goal.

Again I don’t want for this ... there are many other applications to use IP-KEEP during in-play ... for example (another ) If you know where the odds goes after the goal you can prepare bets with good value before the goal relatively near to the fair price, because the market is clean you are the first to give a price that some people match ... The "other program" can do this why can’t geeks do it as well?

Bfexplorer Solution:

In my short video you can see answers for both questions from other betfair software provider’s forums:

How to setup Place Bet bot to keep a bet at in-play?

How to use Bot Executor to place a lay bet on all football in play games on a fixed correct score and keep the bet in play?

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