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How to buy different ODDS?


I would like to buy different ODDS (creating one BOT).


The program should buy one ODDS below 4.0


The program should buy one ODDS below 2.0

How to do it by creating a one BOT?

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  • Stefan
    15.2.2016 8:58:17

    Setup your two “Place Bet” bots with parameters instructing the bot to place your bets when required odds conditions are met, and of course name your two bots settings.

    Now you can use the bot: “Execute Bots” adding your two bot names to BotNames parameter. This way you will create a bot which will execute your “Place Bet” bots.

    In the Add a new bot dialog you can find another bots used to construct your new bot by putting together more action bots, and names of these bots suggests how the action bots will be executed:

    Execute on Selections

    Execute Bots

    Execute on Associated Market

    Execute Till Target Profit

    Execute Trigger Bot

    If Then Else

    Chain Execution

    Concurrent Execution

    Repeat Until