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Bot that stores and act on past results

Hi,  Can I ask a question, I currently trade manually and do want to automate and bfexplorer is the most powerful program for this.  I use money management which keeps track of wins/losses and I act accordingly, for example suppose I want to remember the result on  a certain lane at a certain track, so that if it was a loss for me, the next time on that lane and track I would adjust my bet.  So the money management applies to my past bets and results (whether it is a team, horse, track, lane etc).  Is this possible? Thanks

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  • Stefan
    14.9.2019 11:44:22

    If you strategy requires executing only when previous result is known then you can use the bot strategy called: Execute Till Target Profit

    Please read this post: “Closing down trading after reaching a predefined profit” where the bot “Execute Till Target Profit” is used as well.

    The bet result checking mechanism can be used even in strategies requiring a result, so who won or lost, even when a bet was not placed in the market, similar like in this request: “Some Lay Strategy”, but in this case it is necessary to build custom bot trigger script, for instance like here:


    For my subscribers I build custom strategy triggers for free if such work requires no more than 2 hours of my work.

    Bfexplorer BOT SDK is free for my subscribers as well: