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Break out trading range tennis bot

I want incorporate / create a trading bot for when a certain player is trading out of an estimated range.

So basically player starting match odds for player between X0 - X1 when trading at X2 -> Lay / Back at X2 or close to (as there is a 5 sec delay when placing bet on tennis) and green with and offset bet of 25/30 ticks at X3.

Hopefully others could also contribute and benefit from this system as this will take advantage of a match where there is a break in serve for the favourite a new trading range for the match will have taken place once the Markov chain deviates from 0-0 - 0-1 - 1-1.

I have attached a prediction of the odds table as well from my own data analysis at key stages in the match as this is easy to follow and might need some work with regards to 1-1 but I think its pretty close.

I am sort of doing some reverse engineering here - if we can predict the odds circumstances in the match - we can then know what the new trading range will be for this event and take advantage this by back laying on the new trading range.

I intend to use this bot as well with in-play condition of over 2-2 as a break of serve will move the odds more definitive out of a trading range and not trigger false breaks in range

The trading range will also vary when the favourite is serving first or returning but this is a quick fix in guardian

Hopefully we can get a team of knowledge on this and everybody can trade happily as there is enough liquidity for everybody in tennis in play.

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